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Archives • August 2011

The Aliens Have Landed! | York Photography

And now for something completely different…… Anyone who has been to our home office could not help but to have met Ernie. He is our seal point oriental (Siamese) cat. Easy to mistake as 1/2 bat and 1/2 alien, Ernie has a look that is rather ‘unique’ (and handsome, we hasten to add!). Whilst we […]

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Kismet – A Sneak Peek Part 1 |York Wedding Photography

Kismet (n.) – Fate Ever meet a couple and think, ‘Wow, they are just too perfect for each other!’ ? You see them together and everything they do just seems to be somehow interlinked in a way that seems so easy and natural. It is as though they were always meant to be together and […]

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The Camera Girl Diaries – Birthday Haulage

Surprisingly, this camera girl does more during the summer than just snap away at weddings. On one particularly special day in August {the 11th if you are looking to send money or gifts} the world celebrates my birth. Okay, maybe not the world. Okay – just the people at my house. But you know, a lot of […]

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PC Perviz (Paj) Ahmed | In Memoriam

  lthough I have had the privilege on many occasions to share in a family’s joy, last Friday was the first time I have been asked to have the privilege of sharing in a family’s loss. PC  Perviz (Paj) Ahmed was laid to rest at Cottingly Crematorium after succumbing to injuries from a motorbike accident.  PC […]

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How to Rock Your Groom’s Speech – Part 3

Vicki’s dad rocks his father’s speech by showing off his awesome socks! he response to Matt’s Pontification on Groom Speeches {Part 1} and {Part 2} has been overwhelming. Frankly, I am getting a little jealous because of all the attention his posts are getting. So don’t read this. You don’t want to be responsible for […]

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Sneak Peek – Part 2 | The Crown Hotel in Lyndhurst

Wedding photography is the best job in the entire world! Why do I say that? Because I get to photograph weddings like this one. Surrounded by all of their friends and family, Vicki and Neil got married on one of the loveliest  days in the summer. But the weather wasn’t the only thing that was […]

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