Surprisingly, this camera girl does more during the summer than just snap away at weddings. On one particularly special day in August {the 11th if you are looking to send money or gifts} the world celebrates my birth. Okay, maybe not the world. Okay – just the people at my house. But you know, a lot of people anyway.

This year I thought that I would share my amazing swag with the world because my uber-husband, turbo-son and rad-brother have gone over the top with my birthday gifts this year.

Cast your peepers on this awesome sauce…

Gift #1) The Office Space Kit – including TPS report and piece of flair. Now, if you walk into my office there is a handy banner that reminds you to ask yourself….is this good for the company?

Gift #2) Zombie Related Books – You may have found yourself wondering… ‘What could possibly make Pride & Prejudice a better book?’  – Zombies. Yes, Zombies make everything better. And Night of the Living Trekkies….swoon.

Gift # 3) Bacon salt. I don’t need to say anything more.

And yes, you noticed correctly – that bacon salt is definitely sitting on top of my very own TPS cover sheets.




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