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Archives • September 2011

York Wedding Photography | Photo of the Week

Okay,  so here is the thing – I love looking at photos. Seriously, when people invite me to their house, they nearly have to rip me away from their family photo albums. Some people complain about how their Great Aunt Margaret shows them photo after photo of old, dead relatives they never met. Not me….no….I say ‘Bring […]

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Wedding Supplier Pack | York Wedding Photography

So, as everybody knows, ‘Bird is the word’. Now that I’ve shared the song that’s been knocking around inside my head (and put it in yours…lol) I’d like to share some  love and some other words, because here at Tux & Tales, we’re all about sharing. Therefore, it is our business and our great pleasure […]

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Do You Pin? | York Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Pinterest

As a wedding photographer, I work and think in visuals. Two-dimensional, three-dimensional – doesn’t matter, I can even conceptualise in the 6th dimension. But what happens when I try to explain my amazingly fantabulous ideas to others around me? A cacophony of sputtering followed by that noise that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes. Explaining to others […]

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She Sells Sea Shells | Meet Our Ravishingly Rustic Winner!

…A ‘borrowers’ sized church nestled in a fern-gully hide away, next to the childhood home of the groom. Its ancient walls accommodate 80 guests with just a slither of an aisle for the bride to make an intimate entrance in a lace layered dress. The moody interior will be alight with candles nestled in lace-lined […]

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How to Rock Your Wedding Venue | Part 1

Your Wedding Venue and You….A Love Story…… Firstly I’d like to say, (in the famous words of Douglas Adams) ‘Don’t Panic!’ And secondly, ‘Deep, steady breaths’.  Feel better? Okay, good! I promise, finding the perfect wedding venue is tough – but you will get through it alive. As wedding photographers based in the York area, […]

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