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Archives • October 2011

And the Oscar goes to….| York Wedding Photography

A blonde-bombshell scientist with a passion for horror films falls in love with… A dashing professional squash player with a debonair smile   Sounds like a plot ripped straight out of the script of the latest  rom-com, doesn’t it? But for Gemma and Adam, a couple with Hollywood good-looks and sizzling chemistry – their love […]

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Camera Girl Diaries | Death Match

*Warning – this post has nothing to do with weddings or photography or anything actually important. It is, however, a good way to waste 2 minutes of your life* I’m not going to pull any punches – this topic is divisive. In fact, so divisive that it has caused hair-pulling-eye-screatching fights in the Cole house for […]

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York Wedding Photography | Photo of the Week

Okay, so it isn’t even a photo I took. It isn’t even one photo. Yeah, I know that my photo of the week isn’t supposed to be a photo of me. ……..But you’re missing the point……. If you have read my FAQ pages (you probably have because they are full of mind blowing FAQs) then you […]

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Love & Water | York Wedding Photography

They say that the keys to surfing are patience, determination and a willingness to wipe out occasionally…..that doesn’t sound all that different than the keys to a good marriage. You may remember Kate & Adam as our contest winners for our Ravishingly Rustic Wedding Photography Giveaway. Kate & Adam, two surfers planning a rustic, DIY […]

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