Knaresborough Engagement Photography

Earlier in Autumn we met up with Catherine and Shaun in one of my favourite places in England – Knaresborough. And although I love Knaresborough any time of the year, I love it most in autumn (just peek at the photos and you can see why!). One year we even hit the conker motherload in Knaresborough resulting in about 4 kilos of conkers. I would love to tell you we did something special with them as we had planned but we didn’t. However, that little fact does litle to tarnish the memory of Knaresborough in autumn.

On our afternoon jaunt out we had the most fantastic fog which made it extra atmospheric and added an ethereal quality to the surroundings. It was the first time for Catherine and Shaun to walk down by the riverside – it was just a pity that the boats had already closed up for the season.  Ah well…they will have to save that for their anniversary!

PS – you might be wondering why I included the picture with the older gentleman. Well… he came over and chatted with us for about 20 minutes (mostly about why where we lived was horrible and we shouldn’t live there) and I figured after that much effort – well…he deserved his few seconds of fame!




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