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I tend to be an over-sharer. I should probably join over-sharers anonymous (OSA). Well…. it isn’t anonymous. We all have to tell everyone our names. It is compulsive. At least I am able to answer all your questions even the ones you didn’t know you had.

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Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I am getting married very far away from you – how far will you travel?

We regularly travel all over the UK and for this reason, travel expenses are included in our full day (The Wise Owl) collection. For all other collections, travel is free up to 100 miles return of YO8 5AB and 35p per mile thereafter. Please note that there is a central London surcharge of £100 for any wedding taking place inside of the M25 as the cost of travel and hotel stays is significantly higher.

Do you have backup equipment?

We have redundancy on our redundancy. We always carry at least 2 professional quality camera bodies (per photographer) and a range of professional lenses. Likewise, we carry dozens of spare batteries and data cards.

What happens should you fall sick on my wedding day or otherwise become unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control?

So far (touch wood) this has never been an issue before. However, as much as I want to say it will never happen – it could (I am only human as much as I would like to think otherwise.) The advantage of having a two-photographer team is knowing that should there be a problem with illness, one of our team will always be there. We also work within an extensive network of professional photographers and can get a professional quality stand-in assistant photographer with very little notice.

I am in love with your work and I want to book you to be my photographer – right NOW. What deposit must I put down to reserve my day?

We ask for a £500 booking fee to hold the day and we book our couples on a first-come, first-served basis. Book as early as is practical to avoid disappointment.

When is the balance of the investment due?

We require that the remaining cost of your collection be paid 45 days before your wedding date. Albums, and additional prints may be paid for at the time of purchase.

Will you hold the date without the deposit?

Nope. Not even if you extra special pinky swear on it. We cannot disappoint another couple without a minimum deposit to hold the day.

I was looking at the internet the other day and I found much cheaper photographers out there! One guy will even do the whole day for £200 because he loves weddings just so much!

I’m not the cheapest photographer on the market and furthermore, I don’t want to be. It is not actually possible to offer the service, dedication and quality that we provide at bargain basement prices. Couples who hire us do so because they want amazing photographs at a high professional standard – not because we are the cheapest photographer they could find. Amazing photographs happen when a couple knows that they are paying for a lifelong investment and select a photographer according to that standard.

Can I have a discount?

Maybe – we have a very specific list of standard discounts that we offer. Please visit our special offers page for more details.

Do you use a contract?

Yes – this is for your protection as well as ours. Be aware that photographers who do not use a contract will be unlikely to be able to place a claim against their insurance if there are any professional mishaps. Likewise, verbal contracts are very difficult to prove. Never commission expensive services such as photography without a written contract.

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

We strictly limit at 35 weddings per year so that we can make sure we have the time necessary to give fantastic customer service. As we self limit our commissions, it is essential that you get in there quick. This year (2014) we turned away 112 enquiries for the year after we closed for booking at the end of February. WOW.

Do you have availability for 2015?

At this time we have 3 available spots for 2015 – most of our availability is in October, November & December.

Do you have availability for 2016?

Yes we do – but please do remember that high season dates book up so quickly. We receive over 250 enquiries a year and only book 35 weddings per year and the majority of those weddings happen only within a 6 month period of time (eek!). So please do get in touch as soon as you can!

Can I book for 2017?

Yes! Look how prepared you are! We take reservations up to 24 months in advance.

Do you photograph same sex marriages?

Yes! I could blather on and on about how we will be tactful, open-minded, etc, ect, ect…but at the end of the day, we just like photographing people in love. Are you people in love? Then we want to take your pictures.

Do you photograph more than one wedding in a day?

Errr…no….and I am vaguely shocked that anyone can do this. I have nightmares thinking about the things that could go wrong in that kind of scenario.

How can I ensure I get the best photos possible on my wedding day?

Bring your game face! The corkers you see in our portfolio happened because the brides and grooms we work with brought their all to the table. If you want a photo spinning in the streets of the lace market – you need to wear your twirly-est dress. If you want to dance in the rain – bring your dancing shoes.

We can’t make the magic happen alone – we are just there to make the best of it when it does happen. So if you want some amazing photos, get ready to muck in and don’t be afraid of a little dirt on your hem!

I don’t want to spend longer than about 15 minutes taking photographs.

We aim to fit our photography into your day as seamlessly as possible, however good photographs take time. We specialise in relaxed, natural photography. That can’t happen unless you are both relaxed and natural and that doesn’t happen in 5 minutes. Our couples see the time we spend taking their bridal portraits as time they can spend alone together connecting with one another right after the ceremony. As our approach is friendly and a bit hands off – it is a chance for the two of you to be over the moon together before rejoining the maddening crowd.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

In our experience, the fickle nature of English weather means that it is very unlikely that we will not get at least a few dry spells throughout the day. However, even if it pours down buckets all day – we are game for photos in all weather.  Our equipment is rain and snow resistant and we have wellies in the boot.

How long will the photos take on the day?

We typically ask for 30-45 minutes to take bridal portraits and 30 minutes to 60 minutes for small group photographs depending upon the number of small group photos you have selected (we will discuss how much time you will need at the time we book).  We always suggest that you build more time into your day than you think you will need so that the day ambles along at an enjoyable pace (rather than charging along like a runaway train).

Do you take group photos?

We think having a small selection of group photos is a fantastic idea and a great way to record your family for posterity. However, we strongly suggest that you limit your group photographs to only those that you plan on printing. It is easy for this kind of list to get out of hand and become a string of permutations. Our clients are asked to keep group shots to around 6-8 small combinations as we have found from extensive experience that this number will generally be enough to cover all the most important shots.

Can you guarantee specific photos?

I want so badly to say yes because I don’t ever want to miss out on a moment. As a photographer, missing a photograph is like kryptonite. However, I will give an example. Earlier this month I was photographing a wedding and just as the confetti started to be thrown, the Groom’s Nan stepped directly in front of my camera. I moved to the side. She moved to the side. I moved to the other side. She moved to the other side.  It was like somewhere in her sweet little heart she had made it her mission to keep me from catching a single confetti shot. Do you want me to elbow Nan in the ribs to get the shot? Then we all just have to live with the fact that sometimes we just can’t get every photo. Even if it does keep me awake at nights….

My vicar/registrar won’t allow photos during the ceremony. Is there anything you can do?

Nope – their house, their rules. Before booking a venue, we highly recommend you find out what their policies are regarding photos as this may affect your venue choice. There is nothing worse than finding out on the day of your wedding that you will not have any photos from the ceremony.

I am really committed to having my wedding at my local church but my vicar won’t allow photos during the ceremony. Will you recreate the pictures afterwards?

First, we want to tell you that we fully approve of your choice of venues and we believe that you should always have your wedding at a place that is meaningful for you. Now on to the question – we prefer not to recreate shots. You will never again have a first kiss as husband and wife and trying to ‘mock up’ that moment always seems to fall flat. We will take these photos if you really want us to – but please believe from our experience that brides and grooms are rarely satisfied with the results.

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos you will receive will depend upon the package you choose and the events covered. To find out our estimates – please visit our pricing page and look to see the yield for the package that suits you.

We always give an estimated range based upon our experience however many factors can influence this total number. For example, if your vicar does not allow any photography at all during the ceremony, this can dramatically affect the photographic yield. Similarly, an extraordinarily rainy day can result in fewer photographs as people may be huddled together in a small place making a variety of shots harder to achieve.

My {friend/cousin/neighbour/bookie} got 4000 photos from his/her wedding photographer!

We pride ourselves in quality over quantity. Sure, we could churn out hundreds of similar photos (sometimes even identical photos) with minimal retouching . But we aren’t going to. It takes time to create a quality photograph both in the taking of the photograph and in the processing of the file. We wouldn’t feel proud to hand you dozens upon dozens of duplicate images with little or no quality control…and I don’t do work I don’t feel proud of.

How long will it take to receive my images?

During peak wedding season, it will take approximately 6 weeks to carefully edit and retouch your photographs.

Six weeks! My {cousin/friend/dog/primary school teacher}’s photographer had his/her images ready two days after the wedding!

Quality and quick rarely go together. When was the last time you had a microwave meal that tasted like the food prepared in a five star restaurant? It is entirely possible for us to rush the images to you at lightning speed. However, in order for us to do that we would have to throw out all the love and care that goes into the retouching process. You want photos that you cherish – not photos that squeal to a halt outside your door two days later.

How long will it take to get my album?

Once we have designed the album together, it will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to receive the final product from the printing company. The timing depends upon the busy-ness of the season and the manufacturer that you choose. Likewise, we do not drop ship albums, instead preferring to white-glove your album before it is delivered to you.

What is the difference between copyright and license?

As the photographer, I will always own the copyright to your photos. This is because as an artist, they are my works of art. However, your images are your memories and you deserve the right to have access to them when you want it. For this access, you will receive a license. This license will allow you to print your images, share them with friends/family, put them up on social media and make backup copies of your files. Your license will NOT allow for commercial use of your photographs and it will not allow for you to make alterations to the files (such as making a black and white conversion).

Will the images I receive be high quality (300 dpi) and watermark free?

Yes and yes.

Can I purchase the RAW files?


I have been told that some newer photos fade over time and look really bad – sometimes even after just a few years. Will this happen to my photos?

All the photos you purchase from our professional printers will be archival quality – meaning they are meant to last a lifetime or more. However, be aware that photos hung in direct sunlight are always liable to fading. If you choose to print photos on your own and you do not use a professional service, be aware that among the many pitfalls of cheap processing is the likelihood of early fading or discolouration.

How long do you keep the images?

The final, processed images remain on your online gallery for 1 year from the date of your wedding. Likewise, we hold your final, processed images on a back up drive for 1 year. After that time there will be a retrieval fee to take the images out of long-term storage and we no longer guarantee that they will be available.

How much do you charge to design a wedding album?

A standard wedding album design is provided complimentary with the purchase of an album.  Please contact us directly for our handy-dandy album ordering PDF so you can look over our stress-free album design process.

What do you mean when you say that you individually retouch each photo?

We do the following to each photo:

  • Correct white balance/ colour temperature when necessary
  • Correct for exposure when necessary
  • Correct  for contrast when necessary
  • Correct any colour casting when necessary (or make a black and white conversion)
  • Reduce digital noise
  • Sharpen the image
  • Remove minor blemishes and uneven skin tone.
  • Selected photos – apply any effects to the photo such as black and white conversion.
Do you airbrush your wedding photos?

I believe the job of a photographer is to capture you as you are – not you as you exist in some alternative universe of pin thin models and perfect wrinkle-free complexions. My retouching should make you look like you do on your best day – removing stress induced spots, dark eye circles (who gets a good night’s sleep the day before they get married?) and minor variations in skin tone caused by excitement, heat or cold. What I won’t do is photoshop you until you look like a plastic doll. Applying retouching is like applying makeup – less is more and when the job is done right, you shouldn’t even notice it.

Where can I have my engagement photos?

There are so many options you can choose from for your engagement photos – and we always suggest you select a place which is meaningful to you. We have prepared a whole handy-dandy PDF on how to select the perfect location for your engagement session – please give us a shout and we will send it to you via e-mail.

Signature engagement sessions include free travel within 40 miles return of yo8 5ab and each additional mile is 45p.

Epic engagement sessions include free travel within 100 miles return of yo8 5ab and each additional mile is 45p.

Please note that central London shoots (inside the M25) incur an additional charge due to increased travel prices.

How should I style my hair and makeup?

We suggest whenever possible that you combine your hair/makeup trial with your engagement photos. After they have styled your hair in your wedding day ‘do’ – you can just arrange for the stylist do a quick re-style for a daytime (less formal) look. This will give you an opportunity to see how your wedding day makeup will look in your photographs and you can make adjustments accordingly. Please note that some hair stylists may charge a small extra fee for a re-style but it is typically a minimal expense.

If it is raining/snowing, is my session cancelled?

Not necessarily – it all depends on the type/amount of rain.  In fact, umbrellas and Macintoshes make wonderful props!  However, rain which is particularly heavy or coming down in a sideways fashion will likely require a new appointment to be scheduled. This is due to the sensitivity of the camera equipment and the lack of available light. Similar rules apply to the snow. If you have any questions about the weather, please contact me at: 07590410102. Please note that it is extremely rare for weather to result in a cancelled appointment, as English weather is changeable and often times we can simply move the appointment backwards or forwards by a few hours to avoid the worst of it.

If you are unable to attend your appointment at any time due to weather, please give a courtesy call at least 1 hour before the appointment.

Will my photos be retouched?

Yes, your photos will be retouched before delivery to you. This will be done with the intent to remove minor imperfections rather than achieving an artificially ‘airbrushed’ look.

How will my photos be sent to me?

Your photos will be available for direct download in high resolution format via your client gallery approximately 4-6 weeks after the session.

How many photos will I get?

As my style relies heavily on quality over quantity, a normal session should result in between 15-20 truly exceptional photos.

Can I print my photos?

Sure you can! They are yours. Feel free to print them out and draw on moustaches if you want to – or spectacles. Personally, we prefer the moustache/goatee combo.

Where can I see my photos in your portfolio?

Your images may appear on our blog and I will e-mail you a link when a sneak peek is ready. I will also put a link on our facebook account. Feel free to link others to your photos and tag yourself in our pictures!

Will my photo be used for marketing purposes?

Yes, we are proud of the photos that we take! Remember those lovely photos that you saw that made you want to pick up the phone and book our services? Well, in most cases those photos are from people just like you! Your photos will appear on our website (blog, portfolio, etc) and on our facebook page. When applicable, they may also be shared with other blogs who will display your images as a positive example of beautifully taken photos (and lovely couples!). Likewise, they may be used for brochures, business cards, etc. Talk to me if this will be a problem for you.

I am unhappy with the photo you have chosen to put in your portfolio or on your blog– can I choose a different one?

I select the photos that best demonstrate my skills. Often times people are not objective about the quality of their image and will focus on small personal imperfections (a slight wrinkle, a few extra pounds, etc) rather than overall image quality (exposure, artistic merit, etc.) For that reason, I do not generally seek individual feedback on the photos I select to display online. However, if you are very distressed about the selection I have made, please contact me and I will take your concern under serious consideration.

Can you guarantee any specific pose or photo?

No. I cannot issue any guarantees with regards to poses.  Although I will always aim to please, there are many factors that can determine the outcomes of photos.