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Eco-Friendly Weddings – Yorkshire Style! {Part 1}

As wedding photographers, during the height of the wedding season, it is not uncommon to visit a venue and see confetti from weeks and weeks of joyous celebration mounting high on the steps and blowing around in the wind. As well as being a slightly forlorn sight, it makes me wonder – what happens when […]

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Do You Pin? | York Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Pinterest

As a wedding photographer, I work and think in visuals. Two-dimensional, three-dimensional – doesn’t matter, I can even conceptualise in the 6th dimension. But what happens when I try to explain my amazingly fantabulous ideas to others around me? A cacophony of sputtering followed by that noise that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes. Explaining to others […]

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How to Rock Your Wedding Venue | Part 1

Your Wedding Venue and You….A Love Story…… Firstly I’d like to say, (in the famous words of Douglas Adams) ‘Don’t Panic!’ And secondly, ‘Deep, steady breaths’.  Feel better? Okay, good! I promise, finding the perfect wedding venue is tough – but you will get through it alive. As wedding photographers based in the York area, […]

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How to Rock Your Groom’s Speech – Part 3

Vicki’s dad rocks his father’s speech by showing off his awesome socks! he response to Matt’s Pontification on Groom Speeches {Part 1} and {Part 2} has been overwhelming. Frankly, I am getting a little jealous because of all the attention his posts are getting. So don’t read this. You don’t want to be responsible for […]

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How to Rock Your Groom’s Speech – Part 2

Paul knew how to rock his speech – and his flowered shirt – at his wedding reception at Burn Hall   ell, it seems like part one of Matt’s little pontification on how to rock your groom’s speech has become the toast of the town {har har, we are so punny!} and so we are […]

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How to Rock Your Photos!

So many brides (and let’s not forget those grooms!) worry about their photos – and I am not talking about just finding the right photographer for the day. We worry…we fret…. what if my nose looks big? What if I look like I have  17 chins? Will my dress pucker and expose the soft edges […]

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