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Camera Girl Diaries | Death Match

*Warning – this post has nothing to do with weddings or photography or anything actually important. It is, however, a good way to waste 2 minutes of your life* I’m not going to pull any punches – this topic is divisive. In fact, so divisive that it has caused hair-pulling-eye-screatching fights in the Cole house for […]

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The Camera Girl Diaries – Birthday Haulage

Surprisingly, this camera girl does more during the summer than just snap away at weddings. On one particularly special day in August {the 11th if you are looking to send money or gifts} the world celebrates my birth. Okay, maybe not the world. Okay – just the people at my house. But you know, a lot of […]

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Camera Girl & Tog Boy…… #1

Matt, aside from being a rockin photography assistant is also an amazing artist and illustrator. In his own time (when he gets it) he is busy launching his very own online comic. But between working a billion hours helping me and another billion hours working on his own project, he has still found the time […]

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