And now for something completely different……

Anyone who has been to our home office could not help but to have met Ernie. He is our seal point oriental (Siamese) cat. Easy to mistake as 1/2 bat and 1/2 alien, Ernie has a look that is rather ‘unique’ (and handsome, we hasten to add!). Whilst we are never short of mother-ship jokes around our house – as the advert says, he is truly the furry heartbeat of our home. Having an Oriental cat is nothing like any other cat we have ever had. Mostly because we don’t own him….he owns us.

Although Ernie is possibly the cleverest cat we have ever encountered, there is so much Ernie doesn’t understand. Ernie doesn’t understand that he cannot sit on my keyboard when I am working. Ernie doesn’t understand that some people don’t like cats. Ernie doesn’t understand that cats aren’t supposed to sleep under the blankets. Ernie doesn’t understand that it is undignified to let people rub his belly. Ernie doesn’t understand that cats aren’t supposed to eat mixed veg or flaming hot Doritos.

Ernie understands just one thing – he is in charge.

And he is right.

All it takes is one little purr and he gets whatever he wants.

Fran, our lovely breeder from Chapelrose Siamese has recently re-paired Ernie’s parents, resulting in a brand new batch of Ern-letts and we thought we would share some piccies of Ernie’s new brothers and sisters (and a few other distant kitty relatives who are in charge at Chapelrose Siamese). Several of these kittens (and some not pictured here) will be ready soon for their new homes. So, if you are up for the challenge of being owned by an Oriental kitty…give Fran a call and arrange a viewing.

Just be ready for the jokes about their home planet.

Being owned by an Oriental cat is a a day and night responsibility. Matt should really work on not falling asleep on the job….undefined


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