Oh yesssss…..we have been featured.

‘By whom?’ you ask….   {you say whom instead of who because you are grammar-tastic!}

Only the most amazing wedding blog on the Internet……

Rock n Roll Bride

Yes, you heard me right. Kat Williams, of Rock n Roll Bride fame thinks we are pretty special.

On a personal note, this is such an accomplishment for us. When wedding photography was just a little twinkle in my eye, the idea of being featured in Rock n Roll Bride was one of the things I put on to my ‘bucket list’. And lo-and-behold……there we are…right on her pretty pink pages. I am not only star-struck, but I am star-body-slammed.

So head on over and take a look at our lovely model

Boo, and her sailor-girl saucy-ness on Rock n Roll Bride.

Rock n Roll Planners are available at Notonthehighstreet.com

Now someone hand me the smelling salts, I think I have the vapours…….






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