*Warning – this post has nothing to do with weddings or photography or anything actually important. It is, however, a good way to waste 2 minutes of your life*

I’m not going to pull any punches – this topic is┬ádivisive. In fact, so divisive that it has caused hair-pulling-eye-screatching fights in the Cole house for years (not really).

So, in an attempt to draw a truce – I am putting this to the world.

World….which pick a mix sweetie is the best sweet ever?

Is it…

A) The yummy, sugar coated, watermelonny goodness of the watermelon slice

B) The flat strawberry which (although tasty) sticks in your teeth for hours.

Leave your vote in the comments section.

And remember….there are serious stakes. The loser has to buy the winner an entire LARGE cup of the winning pic a mix.

The future of tastiness is in your hands……


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