They say to never work with children or animals….

as seen on channel 4 logoOkay, so I am not going to make my millions as a dog photographer. As a matter of a fact, until we were asked to photograph dogs for Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare Series 2 (episode 2) – my greatest experience with photographing animals has been with our family pets. Two wiley oriental cats who mostly spend the afternoon sleeping in the window.  Once I won a photography competition for a picture of my hamster. It was a cute picture.

Although I don’t think we fully comprehended the challenges ahead of us – we certainly had fun with it all.

Together with the crew for Channel 4 and the fabulous owners of Posh Paws, we spent an afternoon romping around the fantastic Rise Hall taking pictures of pooches in fancy dress.

It was quite an experience – from meeting Sarah Beeny (who is just as lovely in person!) to runaway pugs and dalmatians in fluffy feather boas.

There were so many aspects to photographing animals in front of a TV crew that I hadn’t even thought about. For example, every time I would get the dogs situated and behaving, the camera crew would get excited and begin moving around behind me – invariably distracting the dogs! When you watch the video, you will even see poor Daisy (Sarah’s lovely little sausage dog) take a little commando roll off the settee. No worries – Daisy is all rock n roll – she was fine!

I am just relieved they decided not to air my interview. I may or may not have giggled the whole time like a complete fool.

Want to watch the episode? Sure you do!

Click here to see Series 2, Episode 2. We are in the last 10 minutes of the show.





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