North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

The Parsonage Escrick

As promised, here is a brief peek into Louise & Gary’s fabulous wedding – rainbows and all (check the last image! It is a faint one, but it is there!). We had such a fantastic time at Louise & Gary’s wedding, they are such a warm & wonderful couple – the kind of people that are just too easy to get on with! Awash with purple ombre & purple plaid – the day just ‘popped’ with colour everywhere (c’mon – there is nothing cuter than little boys in purple plaid kilts!).  One of my favourite shots of the day was of Louise standing in the church doorway because it is a replica of the same picture that her mother had taken years ago at the very same church. I am a complete sentimental nut like that.  And let’s not forget the rainbow – every rainy day bride deserves one!


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