Temple Newsam Farm Engagement Shoot

Okay, let me apologise in advance for the number of photos I am posting. It is too many. I know this. WAAAYYY too many. Your page is probably still loading as you read this.

But I HAD to. You see… somewhere between taking pictures of the cutest farm animals of all time (and a very grumpy boar and a prehistoric goose) – I needed to fit an entire engagement shoot.

And what a shoot it was! Amy and Steve are the raddest people – and I am not just saying this because I plan on stealing Amy’s hoodie.

It was a grey and rainy day at Temple Newsam Farm – which was fine by us because we had the whole place to ourselves. Well, us and the chickens and the pigs and the BABY LAMBIES!

Okay – enough already. Go look at this fabulous shoot.

I absolutely cannot wait for Amy and Steve’s wedding this summer.



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