This is Ashely… she is our Designer Ninja Extraordinaire. She has been subjected to many hours of my bad jokes and my inability to make a decision or write website copy in a coherent fashion. You should feel bad for her and help set up some kind of designer abuse protection league.
Photo by Anne Almasy

I am so excited right now I am pretty certain I have the vapours.

As many of you may have heard – we have been undergoing a re-branding for the last several months so that we could have an all new kick ass website that shows off our mad photography skillz.*

*Matt is ashamed and embarrassed to be married to me when I end words with a ‘z’ because I think it will make me hip with the cool kidz.


When we decided to re-brand we looked EVERYWHERE. I mean it. All over the internet.

All of it.

And a lot of stuff we saw was ‘nice’ – even more of it was ‘meh’ – and a lot of it was ‘poop’.


I am not sure how it happened or which search term saw me through my haze of deign mediocrity, but then I saw them… BRAIZEN.


A chorus of angels began singing – there were unicorns and rainbows and I knew it right then and there – I was in love.


Their designs were funky yet clean and crisp – a total perfect fit for our photography.



This is Walt… he is our illustrator. He is responsible for all the funky little creatures roaming around our site. In this picture he kinda looks deranged and stabby. That’s okay – we still love him because despite appearances – he makes very cute animals. Photo By Anne Almasy

So I sent them an e-mail begging in the most indecent manner that they be our new designers.


After a few skype sessions we began our branding love affair.


And now… 10 months later…. a new website has been born.


If you are looking for serious designers with seriously rad design skillz – don’t walk – run to Braizen.


Do it.






Take a little peek at our new look!

Braizen Website Branding_3777








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