Sandos Papagayo Resort in Playa Blanca Lanzarote

The Cole Clan took a rather eventful trip to Lanzarote this year for our family holiday and I thought I would do what any great tourist does…. I would force my holiday snaps on everyone I see. I will try to keep the number under a million – and I promise not to bore you with too many random landscapes (that is a lie) and at least you can count yourself lucky I don’t have a slide projector at my disposal or you would be in for real trouble. Most of my photos were taken when we got up early in the morning to watch the sun rise every day (I am bad at having a lie in – even on holiday) so I hope you enjoy all the beautiful light on offer…


Matt wanted to know why it is that you never see photos taken inside the plane and I told him it was probably because it was so cramped you couldn’t be bothered. He reckoned it was because all the photos would look like this….

Man makes funny face on airplane with travel pillow on his headBoy colouring in on aeroplane

So instead Matt concentrated on taking a few out the window as the sun set. In true holiday fashion our flight ran late – but the bonus was getting to see the sun set over the whole island as we approached. sunrise over aeroplane wingLanzarote sunset over aeroplane wing with ariel view of LanzaroteView outside of Sandos Papagayo Resport in Lanzarote

From the beach outside of our hotel, we had the most stunning views of Fuerteventura. Before the Canaries belonged to Spain they were once known as the ‘Purple Islands’ and you could totally see why. View of Fureventura from Papagayo beach LanzaroteView of Sandos Papagayo hotel from the beach

We spent every evening watching the sun set over the balcony and every night it was a little bit different. Some nights it was so very blue and other nights it was so pink you could see the magenta light reflect off your skin. Man and boy look at Lanzarote sunset from balcony at Sandos Papagayo Sunset at Sandos Papgayo Hotel in Lanzarote

We even took a night time stroll on the volcanic beach outside our hotel and I decided to play with a little long exposure. Those lights in the distance over the water are Fuerteventura. Slow Shutter Beach photo taken at night in LanzaroteSunset at Sandos Papagayo Hotel in Lanzarote with view of valcano Cactus i the sunset in Lanzarote

There is a tradition of writing names on the beaches in the various colours of volcanic rock and it was so amazing to wake up in the morning and see how things had changed. View of volcanic beach in Lanzarote from Sandos Papagayo Hotel Balcony Matt looks out at sunset on blacony at Sandos Papagayo hotel in Lanzarote

Sandos Papagayo Hotel Lanzarote architectural features Shadow of palm tree at Sandos Papagayo Hotel in LAnzaroteLanzarote SunsetMan in ocean in papagayo in LanzaroteLanzarote beach water waves crashing at sunset Waves crashing around my ankles in Lanzarotefront view of Sandos Papagayo Hotel in LanzaroteSunset photo of pool shade at Sadnos Papagayo Hotel in Lanzarote

It was exactly as idyllic as it looks. Every night a different coloured rainbow of light. Poolside at sunset at Sandos Papagayo Hotel in LanzaroteBeach in front of Sandos Papagayo Hotel in Lanzarote

We would get up every morning at 7 am for a walk as the sun rose and a few mornings we were joined by this little lady whom we named ‘Lanzarote Kitty’. She would follow us over the volanic dunes meowing away and waiting to be stroked. Cat watching sunrise in LanzaroteTabby Cat walking over vlocanic desert in LanzaroteCat watches sun rise in LanzaroteCat follows man through volcanic dunes in Lanzarotewoman runner at sunrise in Lanzarote silhouette

We had two day trips to Playa Blanca – one time spending our time on a little quiet beach and the second time at the busier Dorada Beach where we were able to paddle out through the crystal clear waters. I was stung by a jellyfish in the open water – YIPES. No… no one wee’d on my leg but a splash of vodka helped tremendously. Oh… and it cleaned out the sting too. Man floating on ocean at Playa BlancaFamily playing in water at Playa Blanca LanzaroteFamily photos with ice cream at Playa Blanca in LanzarotePlaya Blanca Beach in Lanzarote

I never get tired of the dizzy sensation you get when you walk on shore. Water returns to ocean in Playa Blanca LanzaroteParrots in Playa Blanca Marina in Lanzarote

Every morning on our sunrise walks we would go over the volcanic dunes towards the hidden Papagayo Beach which would be utterly quiet and still. It is a bit of a hair raising walk down the dunes (at least for someone who gets a bit of vertigo like me!) but we found our way down and kinda pretended the beach was all ours forever. Cloudy Sunrise at Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote

Sometimes the morning clouds would hang so low they looked like the volcano was erupting. Trail leading to volacno under mist in Lanzarote taken at sunriseWaves crash on Papagayo beach in LanzaroteLanzarote sunrise in silhouettepink sunrise over volancic dunes in Lanzarote

When I was a little baby (very little – maybe a year old) my grandmother gave me a stuffed kitty named Sammy. (aka – Sammy Cat and Samuel)

Sammy joins us wherever we travel all over the UK and beyond and as Sammy is quite an old cat, we like to take plenty of photos of Sammy so he can remember his travels later. stuffed cat watches beach sunrise in lanzarote Sammy Samuel Boy watches ocean sitting next to stuffed sammy cat at papagayo beach in LanzaroteSammy Cat LanzaroteStuffed sammy cat Lanzarote greay and pink stuffed cat from 1970'sStuffed sammy cat Lanzarote greay and pink stuffed cat from 1970'sBoiy smiles wearing striped shirt at papagayo beach in Lanzarote

The light was low and strong – perfect for some shenanigans.shadows on the rocks of man and boy at papagayo beach in Lanzaroteshadows on the rocks of man and boy at papagayo beach in LanzaroteMan hugs son at papagayo beach in LanzaroteLanzarote Cole family Holiday Santos Papagayo Resort Hotel Playa Blanca_4516

Then, we decided Samuel needed his own castle so we got to building ‘Un Castillo Grande para Un Gato Loco’. man and son build a sand castle at paapgayo beach in Lanzaroteman and son build a sand castle at paapgayo beach in Lanzarote with ocean in the background

As all good kings do, Sammy Cat left the building of the Castle to his minions. Lanzarote Cole family Holiday Santos Papagayo Resort Hotel Playa Blanca_4519man and son build a sand castle at paapgayo beach in Lanzarote with boy stamping around in the background sand castle papagayo beach lanzarote

After a few hours and one siege from an enthusiastic husky who ran over and began ‘helping’ us build the castle we ended up with a rather impressive monument. We were even given a plastic dinosaur to sit atop the castle volcano by a friendly passing naturist jogger. man and son build a sand castle at paapgayo beach in Lanzarote black and white Lanzarote Cole family Holiday Santos Papagayo Resort Hotel Playa Blanca_4523

If you ever go to Papagayo Beach…. do let us know how our castle is doing. We are sure it will still be there.

We are super weird.

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