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Brides often think about how emotional it will be for their father to see them on the wedding day but sometimes they are surprised to see just how emotional mum can get. She is after-all your rock and your best friend. She is the one who is there helping you get ready and making sure everything is just right. She helped you pick out that dress – so surely she won’t cry when she sees it on you “again”.

I love this moment when Sara’s mother went to give her a special wedding day gift she had selected and just had this brief moment where she really “saw” her daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. The feels were just a bit too much and I have to admit – I might have gotten a little weepy myself seeing how much Sara’s mother loved her. I particularly love the way Sara’s sister is in the background, smiling through her own tears.

When you do documentary wedding photography – I think this is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Capturing those little moments when the emotion gets the better of you and you have a little “moment” – whether it is tears or a case of the uncontrollable giggles.

Damn my job is awesome.

Documentary Wedding Photographer brides mother crying

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