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Wedding photography should be FUN.

There – I said it.

Sure, they should be beautiful, make you tear up and remember what you love about your new husband or wife. But they should also be silly, joyous and full of personality.

I always remind couples that someday they will be little old people – sitting in their rocking chairs – and they will need their photographs to help them access their memories. Sure you want to look at photographs where you look beautiful and awesome – but you also want that little spark of that makes you unique as a couple.

Someday if you have children, let me guarantee to you that their favourite photo from your wedding won’t be the one where you are looking at the camera and smiling with every hair perfectly in place. No, they will love the silly stupid photograph of you sticking your tongue out at your dad as he walked by.

So go on and have fun at your wedding. We will make sure you get the beautiful photographs but also the silly, spontaneous moments too. They won’t be perfect – you might not look like a supahmodel – but you will look FUN.

And your 80 year old self will love that photo best.


Fun wedding photography bride and groom stick out tongue

Are you ready to have some fun? Well we would love to help you get some truly fun wedding photography. Get in touch with us and let’s chat about how silly things can get….



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