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Image of the Week

Ahhhhh this woman is my hero.

I grew up very close to my nan – she was my personal role model and I thought of her like a best friend. She had been there – done that – and had all the good advice. My nan never shied away from a party or a good time and I think I saw a little spark of my own nan in Jo’s grandmother when she got up on the dancefloor wearing her princess tiara.

No matter how old the calendar says you are – you are never too old to get out there and show the other wedding guests exactly how it is “done”.

These kinds of fun wedding photography moments are what I live for and I only wish that I had the opportunity to get these kinds of photographs of my own nan whilst she was still around.

If I had a photograph of my grandmother owning the dancefloor, you can bet I would have it blown up huge and displayed proudly.

Because this is the kind of woman everyone should aspire to be.

Fun Wedding Photography grandmother on dance floor clapping

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