Wedding Photography Packaging Review

Wedding Photography Packaging Review Fastlabel

Since Wedding Photography became a largely digital medium in the early noughties, photographers have looked to make their mark by presenting their USBs (or DVDs) in a beautiful, branded way. We want to recreate the sense of excitement, anticipation and amazement that clients once felt when opening their album for the first time. Whilst digital products will never be as amazing as cracking open an album for the first time (what is, really?) we can work to make it something really special. By taking a bit of time to select just the right materials and pulling them together we can take a “ho hum it is a USB” and turn it into “holy crap – look at this awesome USB package!”

Sourcing awesome suppliers of boxes, ribbon, labels and other fun frippery can be a difficult task. Most wedding photographers don’t have an in-house marketing staff who are able to spend time pouring over various suppliers or the budget to order numerous samples. Many of us are time pressed and cash strapped and frankly – ain’t nobody got time for that.

So when Fastlabels offered to send me some sample labels to look at and review – I thought it was an excellent opportunity to look over their product and let everyone know what I think!*

I ordered round labels with a matt laminate finish as I already use labels like these which I source from a different supplier. I was almost out of my usual round labels so I thought it would be a good time to think about switching suppliers.

Wedding Photography Packaging Review

Wedding Photography Packaging Review –

The Good

Fast Turnaround – From the time I placed my order to the time I received my labels – it was less than a week. Get in.

Lovely Texture – The matt laminate is just lovely to touch. I imagine it would work really fantastic for a photographer looking to reach a high end market as it has a really luxurious feel to it.

On a Roll – My regular manufacturer supplies the labels as individual items. Great for giving to people – but that isn’t something I do. So I find them fiddly to store and easily bent. Providing them on a roll is much easier and keeps the labels in much better condition.

No-commitment Sticking – I love that these labels have the ability to stick and unstick easily. I imagine they would be awesome for plastic, glass or metal where you might want to remove the label without leaving that horrible sticky residue. For people like me who are in a rush – the ability to unfix a label we have put on too quickly (like when we forget to put the USB in the box before closing it – d’oh!) is fantastic.

The Price – 4400 labels for £150 is an amazing bargain. I could totally cover myself head to toe in labels now. Not that I would. But it is that I *can*…..

Wedding Photography Packaging Review

Wedding Photography Packaging Review –

The Bad

A Little to The Left – Unfortunately the labels were cut a little off-centre and for a perfectionist like me – this kind of minor detail can be a bit frustrating. But in the interest of fairness – my other label supplier was equally off centre.

A Little Desaturated – I found that the labels were not quite as punchy as what I was used to – but I would likely attribute this to the pearlescent look of the Matt Laminate paper. Fastlabels had loads of paper choices so I feel confident that if this were an issue, I could chat with them to find a paper that gave me a punchier result.

A Little Cool – As a photographer my eye for colours is very sharp and I noticed a very “bluey” tone to the labels. Again, I think this is due to the paper used and I think if I were worried about it, I could talk to the helpful staff at for a different paper selection.

Wedding Photography Packaging Review

Wedding Photography Packaging Review –

The Verdict

Can’t beat them for the price! For £150 – these labels are really top notch. There are some minor niggles but I would always expect that for something of this value – it might take me a bit of time (or perhaps an extra call to customer service) to dial in my exact specifications. Review


*Product was furnished free of charge for review but this does not impact my opinion of a product. If it sucks – I will say so.

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