Quirky & Fun Wedding Photography

Asylum Chapel London

Looking for quirky & fun wedding photography? Well this one is a doozey for you.

I don’t think it would be possible to overstate how much I am in LURVE with Cathy & Paul’s quirky and fun wedding at the Asylum Chapel in London. Firstly, Cathy is just the most awesome, sweet, and fun person ever and she worked so hard to inject all of her infectiously happy personality into every detail of the wedding. I have to say that the amazing flamingo-tastic theme was 100% my style. Who doesn’t love a good pink flamingo? If that person exists, I don’t want to know them. There were so many amazing and thoughtful touches throughout the day including the most adorable little hangover kits.

The reception venue was the Lordship Pub and it was decorated with loads of vintage toys and games. At first I thought they had been collected as props but after talking to Cathy, I found out that they were actually a part of her personal collection.

The gorgeous ceremony was held at the Asylum Chapel in London where Paul’s mum officiated the ceremony and Cathy and Paul exchanged my FAVOURITE VOWS EVER. They took turns reciting the lines from Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Honestly, I am just a little jealous I didn’t do this at my own wedding. It is far too epic.

The evening party was so completely full of happiness and smiles and love from all around – the best kind of evening ever.

If I could just do this wedding all over again like Groundhog Day ever weekend I would be the happiest photographer ever.

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