Okay so let’s talk dresses. But before I continue, let’s clear up an important fact: I love dresses.

I have basically 2 modes of clothing: dungarees and dresses. This is my whole life… I go from dungarees to dresses and pretty much just pyjamas in between.

So it isn’t an understatement to say that seeing the bride’s dress is one of my favourite bits of the day. The problem is that when I thought about compiling a list of my favourite wedding dresses, the list started with about 500 dresses.

Basically all the dresses that ever happened at a wedding I shot.

And whilst I could talk about 500 dresses, I think no one would want to listen to me (do they ever, though?)

So I had to come up with some qualifying criteria and I will admit – it might be slightly arbitrary but at least you won’t be subjected to my pontifications on 500 dresses, right?

My selection criteria:

  1. The wedding has to be “recent” – 2018 onward.
  2. The dress needed to be the exact dress I would have bought that bride if I were doing her shopping.
  3. I kinda secretly wanted to be the bride because she looked so perfect in her dress.

That’s it.

Once I narrowed it down to those three things, my job became super clear. When I think in my head of brides who had literally the PERFECT dress for their personal style, figure & sensibilities a few pearls floated to the top.

A few notes:

The dresses are in no particular order.

With two exceptions, I don’t know the designers. Ack… Bad form! But forgive me – it has been a rough last year.

If your dress isn’t on this list, there is a very good chance it nearly was. These are by no means the only amazing dresses I have seen. It is just that I need to leave something for a follow up post, right?

Bride in flower crown looks out window
Bride in flower crown exchanging rings
Bride and groom portraits in autumnal light

An elegant dress with a boho twist…

Okay so THIS DRESS. I do love an uneven hem and Lauren’s dress just looks like a lovely waterfall of fabric that lays just perfectly. The  plunging lace and beaded neckline is super flattering and it just strikes this fantastic balance between “pretty” and “boho”. Lauren’s flower crown with soft, romantic curls really completes the look!

Pom Pom wedding confetti thrown at smiling couple
bride and groom kiss behind a floating veil
Bride and groom kiss in front of neon sign at Yorkshire wedding
Bride in 60's style homemade dress dances and sings

A home made dress…

Holy cow – Grace’s mother in law sewed her this dress. Really. It is so perfect and soft and elegant with the most amazing 60’s vibe. I will admit to having a peek on the day and can I also say, PERFECT seams. I mean like the woman is a magician. She needs to win The Great British Sewing Bee. Even though Grace looks an absolute stunner in this dress, what I love the most is the relationship and trust it shows between people who love each other.

Bride looking down at the soft folds of her dress
Fun bride gives thumbs up
Bride and groom kiss under festoon lights
Bride makes funny face whilst getting dressed

Effortless beauty…

Claire’s dress is all about the beads for me. The unusual shape and design of the bead-work is super eye catching and creates a glowing mother-of-pearl effect. This dress just sits perfectly on Claire’s curves and I must take my hat off for not only the dressmaker but also her seamstress who did the alterations. This dress floats on Claire like an absolute cloud and just looks sophisticated without even trying. Who doesn’t want to be this effortless looking?

Go here to see more of Claire’s super fun and relaxed Asylumn Wedding

Bride standing in doorway showing off lace dress
Bride & groom kiss sounded by colourful hedges
Bride sitting on a wagon wheel branch wearing a chunky lace dress
Bride's gruses lift the lace on her dress during the party

Summertime Perfect….

I don’t  think Holly believed me when I told her this has to be one of my favourite dresses but I am using this blog post to say “told ya!” This chunky lace look is just such a modern and fresh take on the lace trend of the last decade. It looks like a simple beach dress that decided she wanted to be a stunning wedding dress when she grew up. It is so figure flattering as well and the delicate straps really makes it look youthful and stylish. I have a feeling I am going to see a lot more gowns on this trend soon.

Bride in flowered dress sitirting in beautiful light
Groom [ushes bride in flwoered dress on swing
Flowered wedding dress hainging from rafters
Bride in flowered wedding dress laughing with groom at Barmbyfield Barns

A fun and romantic dress…

Flowered dress alert! Remember this dress because it is basically the dress I imagined getting married in when I was little. It has all the colours and all the flowers and all the pretty things. Paired with Erika’s soft curls, it just makes her look like she should be in a garden reading poetry books and waiting for her duke to arrive on horseback. All of my Downton Abbey dreams are in this dress.

Bride in Ian Stuart dress and groom make silly faces
Bride in Ian Stuart dress in the sunshine and rain with groom
Groom pushes bride on swing - bride wears riding boots
Bride in beautiful stately home gets dressed into her Ian Stuart wedding dress

The wedding dress of a perfect doll…

What did I say earlier about the uneven hems? I can’t get enough of them and this Ian Stuart dress is literal perfection. The fabric is just the most beautiful quality and every detail is finished to the complete nines. Forget that… to the tens. Nope… to the elevens. I think my second favourite detail in this dress is the ruched cinched waist that makes Robyn look like she has the waist of a literal Barbie doll. This dress is the reason Ian Stuart is a household name.

Go here to see more of Robin’s day and some rain and shine wedding photography!

Final notes…

Now that I finished writing this whole blog post, I just now noticed that all of these dresses are floor length!

You know what that means?

I am legally obligated to do a follow up because I love a good shorter dress too!

We are super weird.

Want to know about us anyway?

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