As a York wedding photographer, I find that spring is a season that brings new beginnings, vibrant colors, and a sense of joyful anticipation of (finally!) warm days ahead. Just a few months ago, I was delighted to kick off my spring wedding season with Jas and Dave at the picturesque York Barn at Villa Farm in Haxby, York. The day was as warm and as sunny as everyone’s mood. From confetti pony to a hand-clapping rock choir, this lush springtime wedding had it all. And yes, you heard me right. CONFETTI PONY.

Join me as I take you on a journey through this delightful spring wedding and share the magical moments that unfolded.

Gold wedding shoes with bow detail at Villa Farm spring wedding
Bridesmaid does ballet twirls during prep at York Barn Villa Farm wedding
Bride looks in mirror and adjusts headband at Villa Farm wedding

Let’s Get Ready:

From the moment I arrived, everything was coming up Millhouse for Jas and Dave. I started the morning with the gents, who were enjoying a little tipple of whiskey in their own special whiskey tumblers. Then, over the the ladies just in time to see the bridesmaids having a bit of a banter about dancing their way up the aisle (complete with demonstrative twirls). Everyone was so relaxed and chilled out, you would hardly even know there was a wedding due to start in an hour (don’t worry Dave, I won’t tell them about shaky hands when pouring the whiskey….haha). One of my favourite things about photographing weddings at Villa Farm in the the springtime (apart from the lush, lush, lush grounds) is the beautiful spaces that couples get ready in. The cottages are so light and airy – the main bridal cottage is a literal dream come true of bright light and open spaces.

Groom pours whiskey for the groomsmen at a spring wedding in Villa Farm.
Bridesmaids take a selfie at Villa Farm wedding
Groom smiles for a portrait at springtime wedding at Villa Farm
Split image with the bride holding her bouquet on the right and the bouquet detail on the left. Beautiful spring flowers.

A Sun-kissed Ceremony:

The weather gods were on Jas & Dave’s side for their outdoor ceremony in the enormous paddock at Villa Farm. Jas’s good friend sang as she walked up the aisle whilst over 150 of their closes friends watched on. In the middle of the ceremony, there was a musical intermission and everyone sang a song together in raucous fashion. Can I insist this happens at every wedding from now on? As they walked back up the aisle to confetti there was a little twist: to add a sprinkle of whimsy, a confetti pony named Pepper trotted down the extra-long outdoor aisle, offering confetti to the guests as it went. Cue the cutest confetti that has ever happened – ever.

Wedding guests laugh as they walk up to the ceremony at VillaFarm
Guest makes a silly face at villa farm wedding
Little flower girl is held by her dad as she throws flower petals.
Wedding vows in front of the pergola in the paddock at Villa Farm
Singing during the spring outdoor ceremony at Villa Farm
Pepper the confetti pony hands out confetti to the wedding guests
Bride and groom walk down the aisle to colourful confetti at spring wedding

Photo Time Baby!:

After a nice long meet and greet with friends and family, I popped Jas & Dave over to the end of the shady tree lined avenue for the first of their mini portrait sessions. I love it when couples are as chilled out at Jas & Dave are because it makes capturing their personalities on camera a super easy proposition. Every time I left the two of them alone for a few moments they got busy trying to make each other laugh. A photographer’s dream couple. (Well, at least this photographer!)

If you are wondering if I had them take photos with Pepper? Uhhhhh….. yeahhhhhh. It would have been rude to poor Pepper if she wasn’t made to be the star of the show before she left.

Bride and groom walk and laugh as they have their photos taken at Villa Farm York Barn
Bride and groom kiss under the shade of the trees at Villa Farm wedding
Pepper the pony poses with bride & groom at Villa Farm
Bride and groom laughing during couples portraits at Villa Farm
Bride and groom jump and smile for fun wedding photo

Styling it Out:

I just loved the styling at Jas & Dave’s wedding. Given that York Barn is a gorgeous space, I always think that couples who take a less is more approach really get the best results and I think Jas and Dave struck just the right balance with spring details and even little hints of their kitty hiding every corner (and you KNOW I can can’t get enough of that!). There were streams of springtime colour and details including the most adorable bunny rabbit monographed napkins made with a Cadbury Crème Egg at the centre of each one. Who wouldn’t want to be a guest if you get a pony and a creme egg?

Folded napkin shaped like a bunny with a crème egg at the centre.
Top table arrangement at springtime Villa Farm wedding
Pergola and paddock area at Villa Farm set up for a springtime outdoor ceremony
Detail of springtime styling at Villa Farm wedding
Split image with a wedding cake on the right side with spring flower details and an invitation with a cat detail on the left.

Getting Speechless:

I absolutely love when Brides get an opportunity to speak at their own wedding. Like, really, why let the gents have all the fun? So I was excited when Jas decided to give her own speech. As great as the words to the speech were, the bit I think everyone will remember is when her chair was moved out from behind her before she went to sit down on thin air. I loved the way she just styled it out as a comedy bit. She might have even tried to sneak Dave’s chair out when he wasn’t looking but… no dice… haha.

Groom points during speeches at Villa Farm wedding
Couples smile and cuddle  during the speeches at Villa Farm
The bride holds the groom’s had whilst he gets choked up during speeches
Bride falls down at the end of her speech in funny moment
Bride recovers from little fall with a cheer
Best man gives speech at Villa Farm wedding
Guests play a game of bingo during the best man speech at Villa Farm wedding

An Epic Evening:

Clearly Jas & Dave’s offering to the weather gods paid off because we were treated to the very best sunset ever… that kind of super red sunset that is strongest in the late spring and early autumn. So of course, we had to duck out and get a few photos of the two of them together for their final mini portrait session. Little photo breaks like these can actually be really relaxing and refreshing as we try to keep them short and fun. The best thing is, it can often times be a good chance to practise your first dance moooooves.

Wedding couple cuddle in the sunset at Villa Farm York Barn wedding
Bride and groom practise first dance at Villa Farm wedding.
Bride laughs and has fun with groom during portrait session
Bride and groom cuddle in the evening light at Villa farm wedding
Bride and groom kanoodle in the sunset at Villa Farm

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu……

With the sunset bidding us farewell, it was time to let loose on the dance floor. But first, the highly anticipated first dance. Get this—Jas, a proud member of a choir, had a surprise in store. As the music started, her fellow choir members serenaded the couple, lending an extra dose of magic to the moment. And let me tell you, the dance floor was on fire! The atmosphere was electric, the laughter contagious, and leaving felt like parting with dear old friends.

First dance with bride in flowing dress
Groom owns the dance floor at villa farm wedding
Bride dancing at Villa Farm wedding sdisco
Member of choir singing during the first dance
Groom dancing and singing with guests

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