Jaye & Matt

The Tux & Tales Photography Crew are Yorkshire wedding photographers based just outside of York. We bring our special brand of super-fun Yorkshire wedding photography to every wedding we photograph – no matter where you are located in the UK & beyond.

A little about Jaye…

A dinosaur loving – owl hat owning fan of pretty. My style is natural, relaxed and just a little bit funky. If you plan on having a bit of fun on your big day – you and I are going to get on famously! I absolutely adore weddings which are a reflection of the bride & groom’s personal style – rather than a great big ol list of silly things you ‘have’ to do because someone told you so. I love my Canon cameras, my prime lenses, my crazy surfer-dude son and our demented cats. Interesting fact – all of the Battenburg cake belongs to me. Gimme.

Some stuff about Matt…

Photographer by day and illustrator by night – he is a super hero with a slightly diminished desire to wear his pants outside of his clothing. Matt is the silent genius behind our mad photography skillz. If you see him climbing scaffolding or rolling around on the ground to get the perfect shot – just remember not to feed the monkeys. It just teaches them bad habits. Matt loves wine gums on levels that some might find disturbing.

Do you love gorgeous, cuddly, smoochie-poochie dogs and silly, galumping. poozerish cats? Snap – so do we!

Click HERE to find out more about our work with Jerry Green Dog Rescue

“We laughed with them all day and love all of our photographs, they are just what we wanted. All of our photos are natural, unposed and capture the day perfectly! I’m so pleased we used Tux & Tales for our day and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”



Associate Photographer

Bowie loving, tea drinker extraordinaire. I’m also a huge fan of colour, emotion and fun. I love photographs that show raw emotion and lots of big belly laughs. I also have a thing for cake, I think between Jaye and I we could eat all the cake! When I’m not photographing weddings, you’ll find me at a yoga class, a carboot sale or by the seaside with my husband and little boys unless it’s race day, in which case I’ll be watching the F1 with a cuppa!


I notice you are “photographers for awesome couples” – do I have to be awesome to be your client?
Well, we already think you are pretty awesome. And I’m not just saying that because your mum paid me. But the tenner didn’t hurt. You see, we embrace the individuality and diversity of our clients. This means we like you just as you are – geeky, nerdy, loud, quiet, funny, silly. We don’t need to you change the lovable parts of your personality just to tick some kind of box. We pride ourselves in finding the awesome in every client and bringing that out in our photographs.
What is “Full Day” Wedding Photography?
Full day wedding photography covers from bride/groom preparation up to the first dance –  up to 10 total hours of attendance. Additional hours are available for a fee, but in our experience 90% of weddings do not require more than 10 hours. If you prefer to skip the preparation in lieu of more party photos because your Aunt Patty is doing a burlesque dance in the evening (or go for more morning prep to avoid photos of Aunt Patty in a bikini!) just let us know – we are super keen to get you the photographs you think will be the most awesome.
I am pretty awkward in front of the camera and if you ask me to smile, I do that horrible Chandler “smile” thing. Is that going to be a problem?
Seriously, don’t even worry about it. A huge number of clients come to us worried that when they get in front of the camera – they look like Gromit making cheese-face. We work in a very relaxed, informal style with very little direct posing so you will look and feel amazing without having to worry about “smizing” or looking “fierce” for the camera. We know how to encourage our clients to have fun, forget about the camera and just get on with having a good time. As long as you are having fun– you will look gorgeous.  Pinky promise.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, I have both professional indemnity and public liability insurance which is a good thing because I am known to climb rocks, wade into water and fight angry badgers to get a good shot.
What is an Associate Photographer?

Our work has been in such high demand over the last several years that we got tired of turning away awesome weddings because we were already booked. In 2015 we decided to launch our Associate photographer program so that we could add more geeky-silly-happy faces to the Tux & Tales Photography crew.

Our associate photographers are essentially “Junior” photographers. Much like a “Junior Doctor” – they are fully qualified wedding photographers who are still undergoing rigorous training and development. Their work is awesome – and as they continue their training with us, they will only go from strength to strength. Clients who have worked with Bee have been thrilled.


I am getting married very far away from you – how far will you travel?

Jaye & Matt – We regularly travel all over the UK and for this reason, travel expenses to most UK mainland destinations are included in our full day collections. For all other collections, travel is free up to 100 miles return of YO8 5AB and 45p per mile thereafter. Please note that there is a central London surcharge of £100 for any wedding taking place inside of the M25 as the cost of travel and hotel stays in London have been previously confused with the GDP of small countries.

Do you have backup equipment?
We have redundancy on our redundancy. We always carry at least 2 professional quality camera bodies (per photographer) and a range of professional lenses. Likewise, we carry dozens of spare batteries and data cards. If a camera, flash, etc. broke on the day – you probably wouldn’t even know it happened. Unless you are psychic. And if you are psychic… that is so amazing you are probably using your powers for much more interesting things than thinking about the life expectancy of my camera shutter.
What happens should you fall sick on my wedding day or otherwise become unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control?

True story – when I was four years old I told all the kids in my neighbourhood that my mother was Wonder Woman. Whilst I am definitely pretty awesome and might possibly have my own invisible jet, I am alas not actually the secret love child of a superhero. So far (touch wood) being too ill to attend a wedding has never been an issue. However, as much as I want to say it will never happen – it actually could. I would never dream of attending a wedding if I had a stomach bug which I could pass to my clients. Chunderbuckets and honeymoons don’t mix.

The reality is that the odds of me being too ill to attend your wedding are the same as you being too ill to attend your own wedding. We know this is serious stuff and we will be there because no one wants to be a square.

The advantage of having a three-photographer team is knowing that should there be a problem with illness, we have a greater chance of covering your wedding with a photographer who is intimately familiar with our photographic style. Additionally, we work within an extensive network of professional photographers and can usually get a professional quality stand-in assistant photographer with very little notice.

I am in love with your work and I want to book you to be my photographer – right NOW. What deposit must I put down to reserve my day?

Yay! We love you too and think you have amazing taste in wedding photographers. We prefer to talk face-to-face with all of our clients before they book just so you can make sure you are cool with how geeky we are. We can do this at our home-office in Selby (near York) or via Zoom (I am not promising this will be an awkward-free zone. Something about being on Zoom elevates me to level 10000000 awkward). If you are still ready for some wickedly awesome photos after we chat, we ask for a proportional booking fee to hold the day as well as a signed contract. The remaining balance is not due until 45 days before your wedding.

Do you have availability?

At this time we have a small handful of bookings available for 2021- mostly on dates in Sept, Oct & November

Currently we are 60% booked for 2022.  Please do remember that high season dates book up so quickly. We receive over 250 enquiries a year and only book 35 weddings per year and the majority of those weddings happen only within a 6 month period of time (eek!). So please do get in touch as soon as you can!

We take reservations up to 24 months in advance. Weddings over 18 months advance booking may require an additional deposit.

What are your direct e-mail addresses?

You can get in touch with us at any time by e-mailing us directly. Or smoke signals. But there might be wind and I’m not sure open fires are legal any more. Better go with the e-mail option.


We are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays so that we can feed and stroke the cats – otherwise they get murder-y.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept bank tansfers and we are probably the last people in the entire world to accept personal cheques (must be paid in cleared funds by any due date specified). So if you fancy feeling ole-timey, pull out that chequebook and a quill and get scribbling!

We do not accept credit cards. Whilst I understand that they offer payment protection that some clients really value, due to a change in the laws, we are no longer able to charge a fee to offset the rather heafty charges levied to us by the credit card companies.

We do not accept payment via Paypal for similar reasons as credit cards. And not that I am your mum, but please don’t ever pay any supplier of any services by Paypal friends and family to avoid the fees. If a supplier asks this, it is a big red flag.

We never accept cash.

If you are paying in international funds, please contact us for details and associated exchange fees.

I heard you are a Zombie-Apocalypse Expert. In the event that the dead begin to rise up, what is your top-tip for survival?
High ground. It is a little known fact that Zombies, much like Daleks, cannot climb stairs. Of course there is no substitute for adequate preparation. It is always advisable that you keep your axe-throwing and chainsaw-wielding skills up to date with refresher classes as well as ensure your stockpile of food and survival essentials is well fortified on the top floor. Remember – if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

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