Bride and groom walk in the autumn light at Barmbyfield Barns

About Barmbyfield Barns

Welcome to our Autumn Weddings at Barmbyfield Barns page. Here you can find out a little bit about this super fun East Yorkshire barn venue as well as some fun and helpful tips for getting the best out of the unique features that make Barmbyfield Barns an awesome venue for your autumn wedding.

Barmbyfield Barns is a collection of 18th century barns that offer a pretty amazing setting for an autumnal wedding. Although Barmbyfield has all the mod-cons thanks to its recent renovations, fear not because these barns still retain plenty of rustic charm. There are loads of exposed support beams, new wooden details and exposed brick to transform with your own unique autumnal vision. There is even a log-burner in the bar to help your guests stay nice and cosy.

The grounds of Barmbyfield Barns just scream autumn with falling leaves from the apple and oak trees at the back of the paddock and big, open fields. The low autumnal light makes for some spectacular golden hour photographs. With multiple barns and cosy nooks hidden in each corner of the grounds, there are plenty of spaces for your guests to chill out if the weather is on the wintery side!


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Yorkshire Wedding Photographers at Barmbyfield Barn smiling and laughing with bridesmaids

Tips for an Autumn Wedding at Barmbyfield Barns

Bride with bridesmaids in autumn wedding at barmbyfield Barns

Go all in on Autumn

Autumn weddings at Barmbyfield Barns are the perfect time to get into that hygge mood and really lean in to all that the season has to offer.

Consider incorporating accent colours that warm up the space such as terracotta orange, burgundy reds and golden yellows. Botanical inspiration can be found in more than just flowers. Whether you decide to add in pumpkins, decorative gourdes or even some pinecones and berries – you will absolutely not be short on colourful choices.

Although the main barn at Barmbyfield has a good deal of light, you will still want to add in some extra light to the tables. Outside light will fade quickly (particularly after the time change) and you will want to embrace the cozy feel of candles and fairy lights. You can really never have too many tea lights – it may not be even scientifically possible.

Wedding couple cosy up under fuzzy jacket at Barmbyfield Barn Wedding

Consider the Weather

Of all the seasonal advice given to wedding couples, this is the one that is least likely to be heeded and yet the most likely to negatively impact the day. As North Yorkshire wedding photographers, we can say with absolute authority that you will regret not preparing for the cold. 

The unpredictability of autumn means you might encounter temperatures in the mid two digits or cold enough to snow. So take this opportunity to justify buying yourself an awesome new coat – something you would be thrilled to be photographed in. Think faux fur, velvet, tweed or wool – all of which will look amazing in photographs. 

Do not, I repeat, do not under estimate the power of gloves. I have seen tough as nails grooms brought to their limits with purple fingers after 5 minutes. Invest in nice gloves that will look snazzy in your photographs. 

Don’t forget all your other cold weather staples such as umbrellas, blankets, outdoor heaters and fire pits. 

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers at Barmbyfield Barn guest makes funny face whilst carving meat

Think Autumn Flavours

Along with the gorgeous changing colours of the season, every good autumn lover looks forward to warming autumnal foods and drinks. They are worth waiting all year for! 

Consider meal choices such as table carveries, seasonal charcuterie boards, rich pumpkin soups, jacket potatoe buffets  and meat or cheese pies. 

For dessert you could go in for the pumpkin spice trend or stay with a traditional sticky toffee pudding. We have said time and again that our favourite dessert choices are guest made offerings so consider doing a bake-off with an autumn theme. Think of the apple pies with custard that could be coming your way! 

For drinks consider warm options such as warmed spiced cider, mulled wine or even a pimp-your-coffee table with everyone’s favourite seasonal liquor – Baileys! As long as your photographer gets one too…haha! 

Autumn Barmbyfield Barn Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a little selection of some of our favourite Autumnal Barmbyfield Barn weddings.

If you would like to have some truly awesome, awesome and emotive wedding photos, we would love for you to look over our other work and give us a shout – we would love to chat with you!

Getting the Best Autumn Wedding Photography

Interior photograph of the bar at Barmbyfield Barns

The Bar & Granary

The bar area of Barmbyfield Barn and the mezzanine (granary) level just above are some of the coziest parts of the venue. The bar features a log burner which makes for a very snug little nook. Following the spiral staircase to the mezzanine level you will find an assortment of comfy leather sofas.

As Barmbyfield Barn Wedding photographers, we find that couples sometimes overlook the granary and it gets under-utilised. This can leave the bar area feeling unnecessarily crowded which can make photographs a bit trickier as well as impacting the experience of your guests.

However, with a little thoughtful planning you can make the most of the fancy mezzanine level. Give people a reason to take the few steps upstairs by putting in an instax self-service photo corner or another similar activity. Designate some of your wedding helpers to shift people from the downstairs bar area upstairs where they will have more leg room.


Interior of Barmbyfield main Barn with Autumn wedding decor

The Main Barn

Barmbyfield’ s main barn is already full of gorgeous fairy lighting so you will only need to think about the best way to bring the warm colours of the outdoors, indoors.

Many wedding couples think about working with the natural textures of the space such as wood, brick and stone. Some also look to incomporate comparable textures such as wool, felt, burlap or tweed. However, some stunning effects can be achieved by adding contrasting luxury textures such as sequins, silks or velvets.

As wedding photographers, we often encourage couples to consider making use of the large, open plan to have long tables instead of circular ones. It makes it much easier for your guests to see and visit with one another and really looks dramatic. In addition to improving your guests’ experience, this is also the easiest layout to get the best angle on photographs of your guests and speakers. 

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers Red lit up tree

The Grounds

The grounds of Barmbyfield Barns feature several trees in the paddock area which change colour including some very luscious apple trees. Keep in mind that you cannot rely on the trees to do their thing at the same time every year. Sometimes trees are barely turning gold in mid-November and other years they are naked by the middle of October. But whichever way the trees present themselves, they will make for stunning backdrops for your photos. 

The fields are often still in harvest in October but expect by the end of the month that they may be cleared and empty. So if you looked at the venue in the summer, you will want to think about a much more open appearance during your wedding. This makes them the perfect location for sunset photos (which can happen as early as 4:30 in the afternoon in autumn!) 

If the weather is less than ideal, the outside hay barn is the perfect refuge for your guests and has gorgeous festoon lights after the sun goes down. 

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Bride and groom sit on swing at Barmbyfield Barns in autumn

Barmbyfield Barn Wedding Photography

Want to know more about Barmbyfield Barns in all seasons? Check out this deep dive on one of the best Yorkshire Barn venues around. We have shared all of our best insider secrets. 

Bride and groom smile and laugh at autumn Barmbyfield Barns wedding

Autumn Carnival Wedding at Barmbyfield Barns

This wedding has it all. First there is the knockout lace wedding dress and all the beautiful autumn colours you could ever want. But later in the day the guests were in for a big surprise! 

Wedding couple kiss in the sunset at autumnal Barmbyfield Barn wedding

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