Barmbyfield Barns Wedding Photography

Salutations and welcome to our Barmbyfield Barn Wedding Photography portfolio page where you can find out a little bit more about our special kind of fun and relaxed Yorkshire wedding photography as well as some insider info about one of our favourite barn wedding venues –Barmbyfield Barns wedding venue in Barmby Moor!

About Barmbyfield Barns

Barmbyfield Barns is a collection of 18th century barns that have been brought firmly into the 21st century with a sensitive and stylish renovation which perfectly mixes rural charm and modern sensibilities.

As a perfect “blank slate” venue, Barmbyfield Barns is the kind of stunning location just begging for couples to bring their own personal style.

Barmbyfield Barns is located in East Yorkshire and is set off the beaten track on remote farmland a few hundred metres away from the nearest country lane.

For couples looking for a  relaxed wedding day full of shenanigans, this is the perfect barn wedding venue to spend a day having the kind of awesome party you have always wanted.


Bride and Groom laugh during couples portraits at a Barmbyfield Barns wedding.
Bride in fluffy wedding dress swings on tree swing at Barmbyfield Barns

Wedding Photography at Barmbyfield Barns

As York based wedding photographers, we have a long history with Barmbyfield Barns and feel lucky enough to have photographed one of their first weddings over a decade ago.

We have watched over the years as the venue has grown and transformed from a primitive barn in a field to one of Yorkshire’s best barn wedding venues.

Our years of experience at Barmbyfield Barns means that we are super familiar with the grounds as well as the staff and we are able to work seamlessly with all of your wedding vendors as well as provide you with loads of insider hints and tips about how to make your wedding at Barmbyfield Barns extra fun and special.


Barmbyfield Barns Rooms & Layout

Bride and groom standing at the front of the Ceremony Barn at Barmbyfield BarnsThe Ceremony Barn

This rectangular barn is the space where civil weddings are performed. It is extremely spacious and seats up to 120 guests very comfortably.

As a wedding photographer, there is just so much to love about this space. From the fantastic rustic walls and ceilings to the bright and beautiful exit down the aisle, this space offers a lot of opportunities to capture some great photos.

Having done a lot of Barmbyfield Barn wedding photography, one of the things we love the most about The Ceremony Barn is the long aisle. This gives us plenty of opportunity to get a great shot of you seeing each other for perhaps the first time that day.

In the evening, this barn is often re-opened for buffet food or as a chill-out space away from the music. One of our wedding couples even used it to set up an entire indoor fairground! Let your imagination run wild!


The Main Barn

This barn is significantly larger  and easily seats up to 220 guests. The room layout is typically divided with one side reserved for relaxing (and later the all-important dance floor!) and the other side is set up with tables for the wedding breakfast.

As wedding photographers, we have seen several different layouts for this room, but our favourite layout has got to be the long, picnic style tables. This kind of setup always looks amazing as well as creating a fantastic atmosphere where people feel like they can talk to so many other guests.

In the evening, when the dancing begins, there is always such a great sense of atmosphere with loads of fairy lights covering the rustic beams. With that kind of inspiration, you know all the bridesmaids and groomsmen will help light up that dance floor.

As wedding photographers, having such an open, yet atmospheric dance floor really makes it easy to get all those blackmail shots of your crew that you can’t wait to see later!


Exterior view of Barmbyfield Barns PaddockThe Paddock

The paddock space is conveniently located near entrances for all the barns so you don’t have to go far to get busy with the lawn games. During the summer most of our wedding couples have this space filled to the brim with lawn games for a bit of fun entertainment for their friends and families.

As a wedding photographer, I love the paddock because it is just the right size to get people outdoors but without feeling like people are too spread apart. When the weather is good, the paddock is often the highlight of the day and of course, a perfect location for photographs.


The Granary

The Granary is one of the newer additions to the building and we just love it. With an amazing staircase just as you enter the main barn area, it has a great visual impact as well as providing excellent structure for your decorations.

The Granary at Barmbyfield Barns is a fantastic location for guests to escape to a quiet corner and just hang out and have a chat.

Alternatively, it would be a fantastic location for a creche or other entertainment during the winter when the weather is being particularly English.



Wedding flowers and decorations diplayed in the corner of the Bar at Barmbyfield BarnsThe Bar

The bar has such a rustic, cozy feel that wedding guests are sure to love it.

The bar is fully staffed and the bartenders are always professional and welcoming.


Exterior photograph of Barmbyfield BarnsThe Outside Barn

The outside barn is a fantastic location for your guests to relax outdoors rain or shine. Many of our wedding couples have a drinks reception set up in the outside barn for friends and family to enjoy a tipple just after the wedding ceremony.

As a wedding photographer, the Outside Barn works as a perfect refuge for group shots and a family mingle even if the weather gets very, very English. Rain or shine, one of the aspects of Barmbyfield Barns that makes it one of the best barn venues in Yorkshire is the careful attention to all-weather details.


Fun Fayre Autumnal Wedding at Barmbyfield Barns

Tom & Jemima had a super fun barn wedding at Barmbyfield Barn. If you love an autumn wedding, come check out our super fun wedding photography that makes the most of the smiles!

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Our Barmbyfield Barns Wedding Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of some of our favourite weddings at Barmbyfield Barn. Please feel free to have a nosey and then get in touch to chat with us about how we can help you get some fun, relaxed wedding photographs with minimum fuss.

Bride and groom cuddle sitting atop the digger inthe outside barn at Barmbyfield Barns
Groom wipes away tear as bride walks up at Barmbyfield Barn wedding cermony barn
Bride and groom walk across field in sunset at Barmbyfield Barn
Weddin gguest puts giant bubble over head of small girl in the Paddock at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride in fluffy wedding dress swings on tree swing at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride sits in groom's lap on treeswing at Barmbyfield Barn wedding
Bride and bridemaids sit and laugh on treeswing at Barmbyfield Barns wedding
Wedding guest sticks tongue out at child taking a photograph outside of paddock at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride and groom embrace during the first dance at Barmbyfield Barns with fairy lights behind them
Groom laughs during weddign speeches at Barmbyfield Barns
Wedding couple standing in the fields at Barmbyefiled Barns with stormy skies behind them
Wedding guests acting silly on dance floor posing for picture
Sunset silhouette at Barmbyfield Barns wedding
Bride and groom cheer as they cut the cake at Barmbyfield Barns wedding
Bride and groom on space hopper in paddock at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride dances energentically at Barmbyfield Barn
Bride and bridesmaids laughing in Paddock at Barmbyfield Barns whilst sitting on the swing
Bride exiting red vintage car at Barmbyfield Barns wedding
Wedding couple sitting on top of hay bales in the outside barn at Barmbyefild Barns
Wedding guest jumps on orange space hopper in the paddock at Barmbyfield Barns
Guests stand against low fence looking over the fields during sunset in the paddock at Barmbyfield Barns
Guest tossing a ring at indoor fairground in the Ceremony Barn at Barmbyfield Barns
Wedding guests playing giant jenga at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride hoola hooping in the outside barn at Barmbyfield Barns
Bride maing funny face as she tickles the groom at Barmbyfield Barn wedding
Wedding guests dancing on the dancefloor at Barmbyfield Barn wedding

Barn Wedding Photography at Barmbyfield Barn

Couples Portraits at Barmbyfield Barn

One of the best part of photographing weddings at Barmbyfield Barns is that we don’t have to go far for couples photos. This means maximum time with your friends and family. We know of loads of locations for all times of day and times of year but we never stop finding new and fun features to keep it fresh with every wedding we photograph.

Bride and groom walk across field in sunset at Barmbyfield Barn
Bride and bridesmaids laughing in Paddock at Barmbyfield Barns whilst sitting on the swing

Group Photographs at Barmbyfield Barn

Barmbyfield Barns has a lot of options when it comes to group shots. Depending on weather, we can use the paddock, the brick walls or even a tractor or two for something a bit different. If the rain comes calling, never fear. We can easily use the Outdoor Barn or even the ceremony room to get those shots with your friends and family. The great thing about Barmbyfield Barns is that the staff are super helpful and flexible and they are always willing to work with us to find a spot that works for everyone.

Important Information About Barmbyfield Barns

Barmbyfield Barns Address

Keldspring Lane
Barmby Moor, York
E. Yorkshire YO42 4HP
Phone: 07803581420

Barmbyfield Barns Travel & Parking

Parking is generous and available onsite in the designated parking area near the grain fields just as you arrive up to the farmhouse. Barmbyfield Barns is a rural location so there is no local train service, but this stunning venue is  located very near York and Pocklington where it would be easy to catch a taxi



There is no overnight accommodation on-site at Barmbyfield Barns but you can find a list of the venue’s recommended locations by visiting the Barmbyfield Barns website. We have worked with several couples who had their morning preparations at the ChoclateBox Cottage and Manor House Farm, both of which are fantastic locations in East Yorkshire.

Registry Office

Civil Ceremonies at Barmbyfield Barn are conducted by the East Riding Council.

Church Info

Several of our couple shave chosen to marry at St Catherine’s in Barmby Moor and conducted by our favourite Reverend Jan!

Barmbyfield Barns on the Internet

Barmbyfeild Barns Website

Barmbyfield Barns Instagram

How to find Barmbyfield Barns

Barmbyfield Barns is located on Keldspring Road between Yapham Rd. and B1246. You will be on a country road and you will see the farm house and the barns in the distance before you see the entrance which will be a long private lane.

Jaye & Matt were the perfect wedding photographers. Their style of photography is so joyful, fun & colourful, which is exactly what we were looking for.

• Erika •
• Barmbyfield Barns Bride•

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