Bride and groom snuggling in the sunset at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Camblesforth Hall & Grange Weddings

Salutations and welcome to our Camblesforth Hall & Grange Wedding Photography page. We are happy to share with you all that we know about this exciting and new wedding venue located in the heart of Yorkshire as well as share with you some of our secret-sauce tips and tricks to getting the most out of your wedding photography at Camblesforth Hall.

Camblesforth Hall & Grange is a historic manor house built in the late 17th century by a local architect named John Etty (father of the famous William Etty). Camblesforth Hall & Grange is located in Camblesforth, near Selby between York and Leeds. A Grade I listed building, until recently this fantastic stately manor house was in decline and was even on the Heritage at risk register. Thankfully, under the stewardship of the new owners, Byron & Naomi Ward, this amazing manor house and its accompanying buildings have recently been given a new lease on life as an exclusive-use wedding venue.

Although very new, we have had the privilege of photographing a gorgeous autumn wedding at Camblesforth Hall and it gave us a fantastic opportunity to see just how beautiful this wedding venue is and how friendly and professional the staff are. You would never know this was a new venue because it feels like it is being run by old pros!



Bride and groom dance in The Cart Shed at Camblesforth Hall & Grange
Bride blows kisses in the Bridal Suite at Camblesforth Hall & Grange
Wedding guest raises a glass during drinks reception at Camblesforth Hall & Grange
Father sees bride for the first time and gets emotional at Camblesforth Hall wedding
Bride & Groom sit in swing in the formal garden at Camblesforth Hall & Grange
Wedding guest in blue dress twirls on the dance floor at Camblesforth Hall
Grandad kissing grandson at Camblesforth Hall & Grange wedding

Camblesforth Hall & Grange Wedding Photography

There are so many amazing opportunities for wedding photos at Camblesforth Hall. The new owners have given a great deal of thought to creating lovely little zones and areas that are perfect for photos. From the lush formal gardens to the back farm tracks just off-site, there are a large variety of options to choose from for getting the very best wedding photos.

Although the main grounds of the Hall are flanked by rows of trees (fab for creating some shade for group photos), the areas surrounding Camblesforth Hall & Grange are open, flat village and farm land. This means that most of the year you will be able to get an unobstructed view of the sunset which is every photographer’s dream.

From a North Yorkshire wedding photography perspective, we cannot recommend Camblesforth Hall & Grange more highly. Nothing is worse than a wedding venue with one pretty building and few other places to take photographs but Camblesforth Hall really shows how easy it is to offer a variety of options with some clever planning and a good dose of style!


Your Wedding Photography at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Bride & groom cuddle on swing at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Couples Photos at Camblesforth Hall

Opportunities and backdrops of couples photos at Camblesforth Hall & Grange are vast for such relatively compact grounds. There is, of course, the beautiful manor house and the formal gardens just to the front of the house.

Additionally, they have added a really unique looking swinging bench to the lawn area which is just screaming to be used for a cuddle and some photos. Just near the swing is an alley of trees covering the footpath between the house and the courtyard. This is a lovely spot for photos as the rows of trees lends fantastic structure and the feeling of a bit of a secluded little tryst!

The grounds themselves have several areas of greenery as well as rustic wood and brick façades so whatever style you are looking to capture, there is a photo opportunity that awaits. Behind the building is a farm track flanked by hedges which offers a great alternative backdrops.

There are a few other lovely spots that I have my eye on – but you will have to book us to get those last little nuggets of photographic gold!


Large group photo in formal gardens at Camblesforth Hall

Group Photos at Camblesforth Hall

Group photos at Camblesforth Hall & Grange are simple. The courtyard has loads of space and even some lovely structural elements such as the brick walls and the rustic steps next to the Poultiggery. However, for wedding where mobility is not an issue for guests, we suggest considering the formal lawns at the front of the Hall. Depending upon light, we are able to photograph groups of all sizes facing either the Hall or the scenic copse of trees.  

If the weather isn’t ideal (it is England, after all) there are several indoor locations including The Cart Shed or the Coach House. Whichever option works best for your day, we will have an abundance of beautiful options just a few steps away.


Wedding guests laugh and dance in The Cart Shed at Camblesforth Hall

Best Wedding Photos at Camblesforth Hall

The best Camblesforth Hall wedding photographs have been taken when we have been lucky enough to work with couples who let loose, have fun and trust our judgement. 99% of the secret to getting fantastic and emotive wedding photos is knowing how to step back and just worry about having fun.

As Camblesforth Hall wedding photographers, we have loads of tips and tricks for making the most of this fantastic venue and the surrounding area so your photos are a quick, relaxing break and not a demanding photo-shoot. We want all of our couples to get gorgeous photos whilst still being able to spend plenty of time partying with their friends and family!

Knowing little details like where the sun sets near the venue in the summer or which backdrops look best at different times of the day or in different seasons makes it easy for us to help you make the most of your time and photographs. We would love for you to get in touch and have a chat with us about your wedding photography at Camblesforth Hall & Grange so we can make some amazing memories together!


Camblesforth Hall & Grange Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a little sample of some of our favourite Camblesforth Hall wedding photos.

If you like the look and feel of our special brand of relaxed, natural and vibrant Selby area wedding photography, we would love for you to look over our other work and give us a shout – we would love to chat with you!

Camblesforth Hall & Grange Amenities

Interior of The Coach House at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

The Coachouse

For many couples, the Coachhouse will be the first stop on their grand adventure together as this is the space at Camblesforth Hall designated for ceremonies. With a double height ceiling ant exposed original timber beams, the Coach House is heaving with bags of rustic charm. A platform has been erected at the end of the ceremony space, perfect to create a bit of visual drama.

A great deal of attention has been paid to making this space feel warm and welcoming whilst still allowing it to be a blank slate you can use to give structure to your personal taste and ideas. They have placed a light curtain backdrop at the top of the platform as well as coach-wheel chandeliers running through the centre. These lights create a cosy, warm atmosphere your guests will really enjoy!

As Camblesforth Hall wedding photographers, we appreciate that a lot of work has gone into condisering the scope and space of the ceremony area. When we worked there, the staff were even amenable to leaving thhe top side door open to allow a bit of extra light (always on a photographer’s wish-list!)


Interior of The Hemmel Barn at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

The Hemmel Barn

The Hemmel Barn is a bright and cheerful barn space which is used to host your wedding breakfast. With several large windows, your guests will enjoy lovely views of the courtyard which brings the feeling of being outside, indoors!
Camblesforth Hall and Grange state that the space can seat up to 100 guest (wow!) and they offer a choice of long or round tables as well as chairs.

The exposed wood beams which run across the ceiling are perfect for bunting and are already adorned with fairy lights so any decorations you may put up will be well illuminated. Thanks to the unique design of the space, there is a nook to one side of the space which can be used for a table or for a play area for the kids at your wedding (this is how our bride & groom used it and it was amazing!).

Access to the Hemmel barn is on 3 sides of the building making it easy for bar staff, caterers, wait staff, guests and (importantly!) your photographer to move around with ease. We love venues with this kind of open access as it really helps expand our photographic options without disturbing your guests!


The Courtyard at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is the central space of the Grange portion of Camblesforth Hall. With easy access to the parking area, this space is the hub of activity for your wedding day. There is ample seating for your guests as well as wide gate access for large vehicles in case you are planning on a street food style van (I vote tacos!).

The windows of the Poultiggery and the Hemmel barn look out onto the courtyard making the space feel very cosy and the coach lights create some fun night-time drama.

As Camblesforth Hall & Grange wedding photographers, we love that the Courtyard is an excellent location for group photos as there is plenty of space for your guests to mingle nearby so you can feel a part of the action whilst we very quickly work through your list of “must have” shots.


Interior of The Poultiggery at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

The Poultiggery Bar

The Poultiggery Bar is adjacent to the Hemmel Barn and the Cart Shed. It is a full service bar with a friendly staff with a quirky and fun decorative style that mixes the rustic charm of the brick with a bit of an industrial Victorian flair.

This location provides heaps of light and works not just as a bar – but as an alternative location for couples or group photos should the weather be less than ideal.

As Selby area wedding photographers, we always love working with venues that have such versatile and unique spaces.


Interior of The Cart Shed at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

The Cart Shed

The Cart Shed is where you and your guests will dance the night away. As a Camblesforth Hall wedding photographer, this space is one of my favourite locations in the building. I love that it allows a separation between those guests ready to throw shapes and those who want to have a bit of a chill and chat.

There is a handy bar-style seating space running down the length of the room which is fantastic for guests who want to drink and wiggle – but not at the same time. As a photographer, I loved the white ceilings, which work really well as a reflector for my flash allowing me to avoid using front-facing flash which is never ideal. We are really looking forward to photographing more evening parties here in the future. It is just great vibes all around.


Bride sitting inside manor house at Camblesforth Hall Bridal Suite

The Manor House

The Manor House is used presently primarily as the residence of the owners of the property (lucky!) but they have renovated a few rooms, including a bridal suite, with their own entrance on one side of the building for the use of the couple and perhaps a close friend or family member.

Can I just say that I am in love with the beautiful and very stylish renovation work they have done? The person in charge of doing their décor should pat themselves on the back because as a photographer, these beautifully clean colours and bright, open layouts are literally ideal for photographs. No funky lighting. No need for your HMUA to cart in a big ring light. If every bridal suite could be this perfectly finished!


Bride and groom dance on a chequered dance floor at The Normans

The Normans Wedding Photography

Check out how this super chilled wedding made our job taking wedding photographs at The Normans a breeze!

Silhouette of bride and groom in Coach House at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Important Info About Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Exterior of Cambelsforth Hall & Grange on sunny day

Camblesforth Hall Address

Camblesforth Hall

Near Selby



Swing in the formal gardens at Camblesforth Hall & Grange

Camblesforth Hall & Grange Parking

There is a moderate number of onsite parking spaces available on site.

Camblesforth Hall & Grange on the Net

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Camblesforth Hall & Grange Website

Find out more about the resotration of Camblesforth Hall

Camblesforth Hall’s Mystery Woman

How to Find Camblesforth Hall

Camblesforth Hall is located in a mixed residential and agricultural area situated behind the Camblesforth Community Primary School. It is very easy to find – you will follow the A1041 coming from either Selby or Snaith. When you reach Camblesforth you will see a forked exit (just before Comus Inn if you come from Selby). Follow this exit into Camblesforth and turn in at Brigg Lane. You can’t miss it!


There is limited on-site accommodation available in the Manor House, generally reserved for the couple and one or two of their guests. Nearby you will find B&B’s and hotels availabe in Selby, Barlby or Snaith.

Steps to Courtyard at Camblesforth Hall

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are performed by the Selby Register Office and Selby Abbey provides CofE services in a world famous Abbey just a 10 minute drive away.

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