Crab & Lobster wedding photography bride & groom under willow tree

Crab & Lobster Weddings

Howdy and welcome to out Crab & Lobster Wedding Photography page. We are happy to show you around this lovely little boutique wedding venue near Northallerton as well as share with you some our insider tips on how to get the most out of your wedding photography at Crab & Lobster.

Crab & Lobster is a fun little hidden gem which blends old world charm with a modern twist. The rooms and spaces take you on a wold tour from Bora Bora to St. Petersburg and everywhere in between. Fram Skandi minimalism to a circus of maximalism, each unique space in this North Yorkshire wedding venue has a design asthetic that goes “all-in.”

As fun & relaxed North Yorkshire wedding photographers, we have worked at Crab & Lobster several times over the last decade and it never fails to provide exciting new photographic opportunities. So you want fun and unique weddings photos and a very that will really wow your guests, read on!

Bride & Groom at Crab & Lobster wedding
Wedding guests dance at Crab & Lobster wedding
Bride smiles and looks into mirror in room at Crab Manor at Crab & Lobster
Groomsman picks up groom at Crab & Lobster wedding
Wedding guests laugh in garden at Crab & Lobster wedding
Bride sits in chair with flared wedding dress in Crab & Lobster suite
Wedding couple kiss in a golden sunset near Crab & Losbter

Crab & Lobster Weddings Photography

As Crab & Lobster wedding photographers, we love working at Crab & Lobster because it makes our job super easy because there are so many fantastic opportunity for wedding photos.

The funky and unique styling alone creates a fabulous backdrop for everything from detail photos to couples portraits. However, getting fantastic wedding photos at Crab & Lobster isn’t only about the super stylish interiors. Crab & Lobster has some super unique and fun outdoor spaces including fountains, archways, terraces and arbours.

Additionally, there are beautifully manicured garden spaces and fun architectural elements such as the stone steps that lead down from Crab Manor to the restaurant.

The ceremony room is also the perfect blend of indoors and outdoors. With a lovely wild conservatory feel to the room, this space is a perfect location seek refuge from any rain without compromising on the fun.

Your Wedding Photography at
Crab & Lobster

Bride & Groom kiss underneath metal archway at Crab & Lobster

Couples Photos at Crab & Lobster

You know what’s awesome? Having your couples’ photos at Crab & Lobster. There are just so many gorgeous locations to choose from and I swear, each time I take wedding photographs at Crab & Lobster, I find some new hidden gem location that I had never seen before.

One of my favroutie locations for couples photos at Crab & Lobster is actually the living room in Crab Manor. The quirky wanderlust-feel of Crab Manor is perfect for really jaw-dropping couples photos.

Of course there are also about a zillion little archways, gazebos, statues, folleys, etc to spark endless creativity so if the weather is beautiful, expect that we will definitely be checking out some of the fun and quirky backdrops (photos in front of the skiis at the chalet anyone?)

Group photograph at Crab & Lobster wedding

Group Photos at Crab & Lobster

There are so many awesome locations for group photos at Crab & Lobster which are located throughout the property so no matter where your action is taking place – you won’t have to go far for a pretty backdrop that isn’t subject to the whimsy of the weather.

As a Crab & Lobster wedding photographer, my go-to location is atop the steps leading out of Crab Manor. Typically, my couples have had their ceremony in the ceremony room and then a drinks reception in the garden area surrounding Crab Manor. This means that shooting the group shots by the steps is both removed enough from your guests to make them efficient but also close enough to be able to gather guests up easily.

Plus, this space is well sheltered by several of the beautiful mature trees which means it can withstand a bit of light rain as well as create a soft filter from strong sunshine. Total win. 

Tattooed wedding couple under willow tree at Crab & Lobster

Getting the Best Wedding Photos at Crab & Lobster

As anyone who reads through my tips & tricks or who visits our wedding photography Instagram knows, I generally think that the benefits of venue visits are over sold. However, Crab & Lobster has so many amazingly cool hidden locations that it is one of the very few venues that I think really needs visiting to get the best out of the options.

The indoor spaces at Crab & Lobster are truly unique and super quirky (giant Yeti anyone?) but do offer some lighting challenges to consider. For example, the amazing circus tenting inside the Pavilion that adds the charm, also dampens down the available light in the space and can affect the way a photographer sets up any flashes. 

If you are getting married and this awesome Yorkshire wedding venue, it may be an idea to chat through any locations you have on your mind with your photographer before the day so they can at least have a nosey online before the day to think through the best way to approach the space & light. 

Crab & Lobster Wedding Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of some of our favourite weddings at Crab & Lobster Weddings. Please feel free to have a little peek around and then get in touch so we can chat about how we can help you get some fun, relaxed wedding photographs with minimum fuss.

Crab & Lobster Venue & Ammenities

Civil ceremony room at Crab & Lobster

Civil Ceremony Room

The civil ceremony room is a gorgeous, quirky conservatory filled with Crab & Lobster’s signature artefacts. The room is fabulously light and whilst cosy, it is spacious enough to fit about 30-40 guests.

As a Crab & Lobster wedding photographer, I absolutely adore this space as it gives all the versatility of being married in an outdoor setting but without the unpredictability of the weather. In fact, getting married inside of a conservatory during the rain just screams atmosphere. If the sun is blazing, this can lead to a bit of a dappled appearance to the light, further creating a “secret garden” feel to the space.

Check out this adorable tattooed wedding couple who had their ceremony in the conservatory on a sunny day!

Interior of the Pavilion at Crab & Lobster decorated for a wedding

The Pavilion

The Pavilion at the Crab and Lobster has to be one of my absolute favourite locations on the property. If anyone ever told you that a space has big-top cirus vibes meet Victorian sea-side antiquities – they would be describing the pavilion.

Up to 55 guests can be seated comfortably inside the Pavilion for your speeches and meal. However, as the space opens into the main restaurant, you can actually have up to 100 guests between the two rooms.

Crab & Lobster have a juke-box available for hire which they place by the main entrance which makes for great background jams during your meal (and for the evening party!)

Bride & Groom kiss under landscaped ivy arches at Crab & Lobster

Landscaped Gardens

Everywhere you turn at Crab & Lobster, you will find a new quirky garden feature. The venue is just chock-a-block with quirky little corners and nooks. The venue staff have clearly given a great deal of thought to creating unique zones for varied backdrops. There are an assortment of archways, secret staircases, gazebos, folleys and sculptural elements to choose from.

As a Crab & Lobster wedding photographer, some of my favourite garden features are actually the assortment of trees including low hanging willow trees. These trees create a great contrast to the more structrual elements meaning. We can just flit between each background and get the best of both worlds.

Exterior of Crab Manor at Crab & Lobster

Crab Manor Hotel

Crab Manor has 20 uniquely designed themed rooms which will make you feel like a true globetrotter. From the love palace of the Taj Mahal to the jungle oasis of Tahiti – you and your guests will really love staying here. And of course, as wedding photographers, we just love using these rooms for photographs – particularly the Hermitage and Beach House suites.

Exterior of Crab & Lobster restaurant

Crab & Lobster Restaurant

This award winning restaurant provides all of your on-the-day catering including an outdoor tiki-tyle BBQ. Obviously, with a name like Crab & Lobster – they are pretty good at seafood. However, all of the food options available at the restaurant are glorious. With a two AA Rosette winning team, your guests (and photographer…haha)  won’t be going home hungry.

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Bride kisses daughter at Crab & Lobster

Important Info About Crab & Lobster

Exterior of Crab & Lobster on a sunny day

Crab & Lobster Address

Dishforth Rd
Asenby, Thirsk

phn: 01845 577286

Exterior at Crab & Lobster near Crab Manor

Crab & Lobster Parking

There is ample parking onsite near the restaurant, accommodation and Crab Manor.


An abundant &  wide variety of accommodation is available in the lodges, luxury lodges and Crab Manor. Each room is individually decorated, taking you on a tour of some of the most exotic locales in the world. You could easily accommodate all of the guests for a small-ish wedding and most of the guests for an average sized wedding.

Interior of lounge in Crab Manor

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are performed by the Northallerton Registry Office.

Crab & Lobster on the Net

Crab & Lobster Website
Crab & Lobster Instagram
Crab & Lobster Facebook

How to Find Crab & Lobster

Crab & Lobster is just a short distance from the A168 – take the exit towards Asenby/Rainton/Cundall/Helperby. From the road, you will see the overhead sign and the distinctive thatched-roof appearance of the Crab & Lobster Restaurant.


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