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Greetings and salutations!  You have found our Hornington Manor Farm Wedding Photography portfolio page where you can find out a little bit of information about our unique kind of fun and informal York wedding photography as well as an insider’s look at one of our favourite farm & barn wedding venues – Hornington Manor Farm wedding venue in Bolton Percy!


About Hornington Manor Weddings

Hornington Manor’s  wedding and event venue is located in Oxton, Bolton Percy, an area of outstanding Yorkshire countryside just southeast of the historic city of York near Tadcaster.

Hornington Manor is set on 300 gloriously secluded acres and has the most amazing 17th century Manor House farm. The farm and its adjacent buildings have bags of rustic charm whilst at the same time being fully renovated and restored to provide you with a modern, fresh take on the classic countryside wedding.

Hornington provides an excellent blend of DIY wedding venue options whilst still offering all the support you need to make your day a success such as tables, chairs, staffing and planning assistance along the way.

Standard hire of Hornington Manor includes generous accommodation and private use of the property for the weekend which means you and a large selection of your guests can enjoy the party without worrying about leaving before the party ends.

Hornington Manor is home to Spinks Farm, widely known for it’s luxurious mattresses and you can even spy some of their gorgeous flock out having a snack in the pastures that surround the main Farm House building!


Groom cuddles bride under yellow blooms at Hornington Manor Wedding
Best man picks up the groom at Hornington Manor Wedding

Hornington Manor Wedding Photographer

As a Hornington Manor wedding photographer, we have been proud to work at Hornington Manor for the last several years beginning with our first editorial shoot inside the barn whilst it was still undergoing its initial renovations.

Since that time, we have had several weddings and have been able to watch the property go from strength to strength.

The staff at Hornington Manor are unfailingly friendly, professional and efficient and we always know that weddings at Hornington will be smooth days where the couple can just focus on having a good time.

Hornington Manor has so many beautiful wedding photography options that is makes our job an absolute breeze. Every time we work at Hornington, we challenge ourselves to find a new location for couple’s portraits that we have never tried before and we never fail to find a little special nook we previously overlooked.

And worry not – even if your day has less than perfect weather, the Farmhouse offers up some absolutely stunning light and we can just nip into the house and do some photos in the warmth of a beautiful farmhouse.

Hornington Manor  Buildings & Amenities

Top down photograph of the interior of the Barn at Hornington Manor set up for a wedding

The Barn

The barn at Honrington Manor is such an amazing space that you can’t fail but to be wowed by the rustic wood lap walls and high ceilings. The space available for your ceremony, breakfast and party is absolutely vast and the barn can easily accommodate 160 people seated and up to 220 at night.

You will definitely be able to invite every one of your friends and family and still have room to spare. The layout of the barn with its unique mezzanine level really adds to the sense of space around you. Although the barn still retains it’s cosy charm, it has large glass doors that allow for plenty of natural light. The dance-floor/band area is decked out in fairy-lights and who doesn’t love a good fairy light for some night time atmosphere as your get your boogie on!

As a Hornington Manor wedding photographer, I love the barn so much because there is plenty of room to work around the tables during the speeches without interrupting guests or having to stand too close for comfort. As we always aim to fade into the white noise of your day – having a spacious and open layout like Hornington Manor farm provides is a real asset!

The Lytch Gate at Horningotn Manor Farm decorated with white roses and set up for a wedding

The Lych Gate

Hornington Manor is lucky enough to be licensed for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies which are performed under the beautiful lych gate style gazebo.

This fantastic folly-style structure sits in the centre of the main courtyard and is a real statement piece which makes it the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or your photographs. It acts as a lovely location for group photographs or a little shelter from an afternoon of blazing sunshine or a spot of rain. Many couples opt to decorate the lych gate with flowers to really make it shine but fear not – it is a rather perfect little space even if you add nothing to it at all!

As a Hornington Manor wedding photographer, I just really love special little features such as the lych gate because they provide so many all-weather photography opportunities which is something not every venue thinks about. But that just goes to show the kind of detail to attention you can expect at Hornington Manor.

The mezanine level of the barn at Hornington manor interior photograph with Love letters in front

The Mezzanine Level

This little added feature of the Hornington Manor Barn is something you shouldn’t underrate! Having a quiet chill-out area like the Mezzanine is an absolute must for couples who want their less party-focused guests to have a bit of space and comfort of their own.

In addition to being a lovely vantage point for looking out over the barn as the shenanigans happen, it also offers up a flexible space that can be used for entertainment such as photo booths, magicians, glitter bars or even a space for a live musician to play during the meal.

As Hornington Manor wedding photographers, we can definitely tell you that those comfy sofas are an absolute favourite hangout for guests in the evening or even during the after-meal coffee.

I mean, with Hornington’s close links to the comfort of luxury natural fibre mattresses, would you expect anything less than the most comfy sofas you can find?

Exterior photograph of the back of the Hornington Manor Farmhouse including the lawn.

The Manor House

As a York wedding photographer, I really love weddings where the couples are able to have their entire wedding (and even weekend!) in the same place because it makes days typically run much smoother because time isn’t being lost moving from one place to the next. This is just one of the fantastic reasons to love the Manor House at Hornington Manor. The Manor House has a gorgeous open fire, spacious farm style kitchen and 8 en-suite bedrooms.

In our experience as Hornington Manor wedding photographers, it is typically the groom’s party which takes over the Manor House (snooker table, anyone?) whilst the bride’s party is cosy in the West Wing. The “separate-together” layout of the Manor House and the West Wing allows for everyone to be a big, happy gang or have a bit of privacy when the occasion calls for it.

Interior Photograph of the west wing bridal suite at Hornington Manor

The West Wing

As fancy and as beautiful as it sounds, The West Wing at Hornington Manor is a fantastic Victorian addition to the Manor House. The West Wing sleeps up to 8 and has a glorious 16 seat antique dining table as well as a cosy open fire. Similar to the rest of Hornington Manor, the West Wing is decorated to an extremely high standard and boasts some seriously comfy sofas for a late night up relaxing with your pals before your big day

As a Hornington Manor wedding photographer, I typically see quite a bit of the West Wing in the morning during preparations as the bride gets ready in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I just love the muted pastel tones that offer a hint of colour without overwhelming the space. The larger of the two rooms in the West Wing has the most gorgeous light as well as a very relaxing view of the lawns and the grazing sheep out in the field.

Opposite the rooms is a large window halfway down the stairs which looks out over the lych gate.  It is the perfect location to have a peek out the windows and see just what everyone is doing in the morning without anyone seeing you!


Llamas grazing in the patures at Hornington Manor

The Shepherd Huts

This brand new addition to Horningon Manor has got to be my favourite!

The Shepherd Huts are just to most amazingly cosy little cottages set right on the grounds of Hornington Manor and are perfect for travelling guests (or even a weekend getaway!)

As with all of Hornington Manor, these huts are decorated so beautifully you will never want to leave. Each hut has a super fun theme from RAF pilot to Egyptian antiquity and I am certain you are going to think these little boho retreats are just amazing.  I am just saying…if someone could pass me their decorator’s phone number…. Please and thank you!

Planning to get married at Hornington Manor? Let’s take some photos of you in one of these adorable little huts! I vote for the Storyteller hut!


A Relaxed Winter Wedding at Hornington Manor

Looking for a bit of winter wedding inspiration? Well this lovely little winters wedding at Hornington Manor has got you covered. This couple truly embraced the winter vibes, even if that meant that the Aussie groom had to wear shoes!

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Our Hornington Manor Wedding Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of some of our favourite weddings at Hornington Manor. Please feel free to have a nosey and then get in touch to chat with us about how we can help you get some fun, relaxed wedding photographs with minimum fuss.

A Relaxed Winter Wedding at Hornington Manor

A Relaxed Winter Wedding at Hornington Manor

Looking for a bit of winter wedding inspiration? Well this lovely little winters wedding at Hornington Manor has got you covered. This couple truly embraced the winter vibes, even if that meant that the Aussie groom had to wear shoes!

Very colourful bride and bidesmaids at hornington manor wedding
Guests making silly faces on the dance floor at Hornington manor wedding
Best man giving speech at Hornington Manor
Yarn confetti at thrown at wedding couple at Hornington Manor wedding
Groom wipes away laughter teer with macdonalds hat during speech
Bride sits in a window of the West Wing at Hornington manor farm whilst MUA puts in her veil
Bride with spanis styling stands in front of brick wall at Hornington wedding
Bride at Hornington Manor cheers with guest
Bride's daughter rests her head on mum's shoulder in the reflection of a mirror at Hornington Manor
Groomsmen attack hug the groom at Hornington Manor wedding
Bride and groom kiss during tiwlight sparkers at Hornington Manor wedding
Groom laughs uproariously uring couples portraits at Hornington Manor
Groom dances with shotgun fingers at Hornington Manor wedding
Bride and groom kiss in front of the gates at Hornington Manor wedding
A sheep in focus in the field behind a bride an groom who are in bokeh at Hornington Manor wedding
Bride and groom kiss under festoon lights in front of the lych gate at Hornington Manor
Llamas grazing in the patures at Hornington Manor
Groom accidentally has horns behind his head whilst getting ready at Hornington Manor farm wedding
Slihouette of bride and groom kissing in front of a sunset at Hornington Manor wedding
Wedding guest plays giant genga at Hornington Manor wedding
Bridesmaids look our window at Hornington Manor wedding
Guest makes silly face for the camera at Hornington Manor wedding
Bride and groom cuddle at Hornington Manor wedding under yellow flowers
Bride and nridesmiads take selfies
Bridesmaid gets read in the dining room at Hornington Manor Wedding
Silhouette of bride and groom at Hornington Manor sunset
Bride laughs during speeches at Hornington Manor wedding
Guest shows his love hear boxers under his kilt at Horninton Manor wedding
Bride and bridesmaids make funny faces at each other at Hornington Farm wedding
Little boy stands next to sheep sculpture at Hornington Wedding
Bride with flower crown in front of the Manor hourse at Hornington
Little kids kiss and smile for camera t Hornington wedding
Bride drinks champagne straight form the bottle at Hornington Manor in the West Wing

Your Wedding Photography at Hornington Manor

Couples Portraits at Hornington Manor

One of the best part of Hornington Manor  wedding photography is that we don’t have to go far for amazing couples photos. This means maximum time with your friends and family. We know of loads of locations for all times of day and times of year but we never stop finding new and exciting features to keep it fresh with every wedding we photograph. Whether you dream of photos on the lawn, near the fields, in the Manor House (or the Shepherd Huts!) or some sparklers in front of the lych gate –  we know just where to take you to get the best vantage point!

Bride with flower crown in front of the Manor hourse at Hornington
Bride and groom kiss under lych gates at Hornington wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies at Hornington Manor

Hornington Manor Farm has a lot of options when it comes to civil ceremony locations. Depending on weather and the size of your wedding, you can get married outside in front of the Lych Gate. Worried about the weather? You can always get married inside the barn with those lovely natural wood clad walls. No matter what nature throws at your day, as a Yorkshire wedding photographer, I can say that Hornington Manor Farm has you covered!

Wedding Breakfast &
Evening Party at Hornington Manor

Hornington Manor  is one of our favourite venues for a reason – room to party! With such a spacious and flexible barn space, you can easily have a hoodie on the dance floor or swing your partner in an old fashioned Ceilidh without waiting for the staff to turn the whole room. No carting your guests from this place to that… just stay in the barn and have it all there!

With super fun fairy lights behind the band nook, there is plenty of built-in atmosphere to keep your dance floor hopping. I can honestly say that we have photographed some of the very best evening parties  at Hornington Manor because it is truly a space that encourages your guests to let their hair down.

As a Honrington Manor wedding photographer, I just love using those fairy lights for a few photos of the couple… because who doesn’t like a bit of fairy lights?

Guests making silly faces on the dance floor at Hornington manor wedding

Important Information About Hornington Manor

Hornington Manor Address:

Oxton Ln, Bolton Percy,

York YO23 7AS

Phone: 07930983284


Exterior of Hornington Manor from the front coutryard

Hornington Manor Travel & Parking:

Parking available onsite in the designated parking area near the reception space and working farm barn as you arrive up the long track onto the property. Hornington Manor is a rural location so there is no local train service, but this stunning venue is located very near both York and Tadcaster very near to the A64. Hornington is a very rural location so we definitely recommend visiting their website to book a preferred taxi service before the day.



Hornington Manor Accommodation:

Hornington Manor Farm has accommodation galore and couples are asked to book the entire property for the weekend, including the accommodation onsite (which you will want to do anyway!).

Registry Office

Civil Ceremonies at Barmbyfield Barn are conducted by the East Riding Council.

Church Info

Several of our couple shave chosen to marry at All Saints Church in Bolton Percy.

Hornington Manor on the Internet

Hornington Manor Website

Hornington Manor  Instagram


How to find Hornington Manor

Hornington Manor is located at the end of a long drive with an entrace just off of Oxton Lane. You will see a sign just as you apprach the entrance to the property (this will be on your right if you are approaching from the A64). If you are coming from the A64, if you arrive in Bolton Percy, you have gone too far.

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