Bride and groom take a wedding photo by window inside Merchant Adventurers Hall

Merchant Adventurers Hall Weddings

Welcome to our Merhcant adventurer’s Hall Wedding Photography page. Here you can find out a little bit about how we approach taking relaxed and super fun wedding photos at this historic and distinctive North Yorkshire wedding venue.

Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is located in York city centre a few minutes’ walk away from some of York’s most popular destinations – The York Minster and The Shambles.

A Grade I listed building, Merchant Adventurers’ Hall has all of the ye-olde charm that York is known for worldwide. With original timber floors and delightfully askew exposed Tudor beams, this York city centre wedding venue has been a fixture in the heart of the city for over 650 years.

Large or small wedding, Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is a popular choice for couples looking for a wedding venue with atmosphere built right in and as York Wedding Photographers, it is one of our absolute favourite venues to work in.

What’s in a name? Did you know that Merchant Adventurers were similar to today’s venture capitalists and is even where the word “venture” comes from? Far from sailing the seven seas, these merchants adventured from home, risking their money with the hopes of a financial return on their investment.

Bride and Groom Dance in the Shambles at Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding
Bride and groom cuddle outside of building at York wedding
Bride laughs at groom during wedding speech at Merchant Adventurers Hall
Wedding guests smile at camera in gardens at Merchant Adventurers Hall
Bride gives speech to grooma t Merchant Adventurers Hall
Bride and groom dance on dancefloor in undercroft at Merchant Aventurers Hall

Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography

There are so many amazing opportunities for wedding photos at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. Aside the from the obvious beauty of having your photos inside and outside of this gorgeous medieval guildhall, the gardens and York city landmarks nearby make this such an easy location to work from. As Merchant Adventurers Hall wedding photographers, we have had loads of opportunities to learn all of the lovely little nooks that can be found around the building as well as in the streets and snickleways nearby.

One of our favourite things about photographing weddings at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is how the venue strikes an amazing balance between historical beauty and modern flexibility. Just because you have chosen a building with a lot of tradition doesn’t mean you have to have a “traditional” wedding.

Your Wedding Photography at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

Bride and groom take a wedding photo by window inside Merchant Adventurers Hall

Couples Photos at Merchant Adventurers Hall

Wedding photos at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall need not be limited to those taken in the walled garden or inside the Hall itself (although they are definitely awesome all-weather backdrops). Starting from the entrance on the bunting-adorned Fossgate, we are able to walk to so many pretty locations in just a minute or two.

The River Foss runs just next to the venue and the bridge on Fossgate makes for a stunning location for wedding photography. If you are a history buff we can head over to the Shambles for some photographs and even pop into the market area after it is closed for some of the quirkier backdrops afforded by the backside of the buildings facing out on the Shambles.

If you want a longer break for photos, Merchant Adventurers’s Hall is about a 5 minute walk to the famous York Minster and Stonegate – arguably one of the most picturesque streets in York (next to the Shambles, of course!)

Groom and groomsmen having a laugh at MErchant Adventurers Hall Wedding

Group Photos at Merchant Adventurers Hall

Group wedding photos at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall are a breeze. The walled garden offers several options which work in a lot of different types of weather.

As Merchant Adventurers’s Hall wedding photographers, we regularly use the steps opposite the back of the venue to take a large group photograph with all your guests.

From there we can use either the brick walls or the old wall ruins as an easy backdrop for smaller group photos. If the sun is in the right position, we can even sometimes use the river Foss as a backdrop.

If it rains (fingers crossed!) we have used the overhang on the side of the building as protection for group shots or even did some of the smaller ones in the opening of the walk-through tunnel on Fossgate. But never fear – if it is really not working outside, we can pop lights up in the undercroft and take your group photos there!

Bride and groom walk through York with the New York Brass Band

Best Wedding Photos at Merchant Adventurers Hall

Some of the best Merchant Adventurers Hall wedding photographs have been taken when we have been lucky enough to work with couples who let loose, have fun and trust our judgement. We will definitely make use of the amazing building and grounds, but you should also not be afraid of stepping into the streets. York is a warm and friendly northern city so don’t be surprised if you have people congratulating you as you walk past.

As Merchant Adventurers Hall wedding photographers, we have loads of tips and tricks for making the most of this fantastic venue and the surrounding area so your photos are a quick, relaxing break and not a demanding photo-shoot. We want all of our couples to get gorgeous photos whilst still being able to spend plenty of time partying with their friends and family!

Knowing little details like where the sun sets near the venue in the summer or which streets are quieter at different times of day makes it easy for us to help you make the most of your time and photographs.

Merchant Adventurers Hall Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a taster of some of our favourite Merchant Adventuers Hall wedding photos taken over the last few years.

If you like the look and feel of our special brand of relaxed, natural and vibrant York wedding photography, we would love for you to look over our other work and give us a shout – we would love to chat with you!

Merchant Adventurers Hall Venue & Amenities

Interior Photograph of the Hall at Merchant Adventurers Hall

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is where the meeting and business of the company took place. As one of the oldest timber-framed buildings still used for its original purpose, this partially timbered room is a historical jewel. Your wedding guests will be wowed by not only the charm of this space but also by the large number of windows which provide an usually bright and cheerful vibe. 

The Grand Hall can seat up to 180 guests for your wedding breakfast. Additionally, it is licensed for weddings so you can have your whole day in one place if  you want to. One of our favourite features of the space is the age-wobbled floor which sends all the lines of the timbers askew. These kinds of unique features gives the space the feeling of a folktale come to life. 

The Grand Hall is one of our favourite spaces to take a few couples photos so we can get the most out of this gorgeous building! 

Wide shot of guests dancing in Undercroft at Merchant Adventurers Hall

The Undercroft

Easily our favourite part of working as Merchant Adventurers Hall wedding photographers, the Undercroft is a really unique and wonderful party space.

Originally, this part of the Hall was used as a Hospital and and Alm’s House for the poor. At the back of the undercroft you will find the entrance to the chapel which has sometimes been used for wedding photographs. (Please check with the venue before your heart gets set on this though as their policy has changed on this over the years and it is best to make sure you have as definite “yes” from the venue if it is important to you as this is still a space used for worship). 

Wedding parties and discos never feel more atmospheric than when they are taking place in a space that feels as though you ar underground (even though you aren’t!). The brick walls and small windows means you will still have a party vibe even in the long days of the summer. 

Exterior shot of entry door and plaque for Merchant Adventurers Hall

The Grounds

The grounds of Merchant Adventurers Hall are a fantastic place for your wedding guests to chill out and enjoy some live music or drinks whilst they mingle. They are also an amazing location for some awesome wedding photos. 

As you approach the gardens from the front of the building there is an outdoor arbour which provides shade for chatting guests and also some structure and sometimes flowers for a few couples photos in rain or shine. 

Along the length of the building are beautiful brick and stone walls at standing height which makes for a great backdrop for group photographs and in some areas the top floor juts out slightly making for a reasonable amount of shade and protection from the rain. 

Around the back, behind the chapel you will find the ruins of old walls and a bench. This is always our preferred spot for smaller group photos and a few lovely couples photos.  And of course this is right next to the river Foss so depending on the light you have plenty of options! 

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Groom waves arms in air during music at Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding

Important Info About Merchant Adventurers Hall

Exterior photograph of Merchant Adventurers Hall

Merchant Adventurers Hall Address




01904 654818

Exterior of tudor style entrance of Merchant Adventurers Hall

Merchant Adventurers Hall Parking

Let’s not beat around the bush. There is no parking in the close vicinity of Merchant Adventurer’s Hall and what is available nearby is pretty expensive. The best Carpark choice is going to be the QPark Shambles but it will cost your guests up to £22 to park for the day and is a good 5 minutes stomp away. Beware of other closer car parks such as Coppergate as they close at 7pm. Blue badge holders will have better luck with free parking, but again many of the closest spaces close early. It is worth suggesting your guests carpool or take a taxi.

Merchant Adventuers Hall on the Net

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How to Find Merchant Adventurers Hall

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall is located on Fossgate. However, during much of the day this road is closed to cars so you will need to park in the area outside this traffic controlled zone and walk in to the venue.  


York has no shortage of hotels in close vicinity but we have had many couples choose to get ready at some of the really fashionable apartments for hire nearby. Franklin Apartments is a gorgeous place to spend your wedding night as is Cocoa Isabella.

Exterior of Merchant Adventurers Hall taken from the back

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies at Merchant Adventuers Hall are performed by the lovely registrars at the York Register Office.


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