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Howdy Neighbourino and welcome to our Selby Wedding Photography guide where you can find out a little bit more about our special kind of authentic & fun Selby wedding photography as well as some insider info about planning your wedding day at one of the amazing venues in and around the Selby Area.

We are Jaye & Matt and we are Selby wedding photographers who believe that your wedding day is going to be amazing and we want to bring your special style of fun, geeky silliness to life. No hours of awkward posing and no cringey “enforced fun.”

Just real people, authentic love and honest moments in photographs you love to look at.

Our Approach to Selby Wedding Photography

We are Selby based wedding photographers with a relaxed and authentic style. We are unobtrusive, but we aren’t “ninjas.” Because really, we are weird enough without hiding in the bushes and sneaking around on tip toes to get the best shot.

Instead, we hide in plain sight, mixing with your guests and having fun in a no-stress kind of way. We like to think of ourselves as your eyes and ears on the day. That way, when you look back at your photos, you are getting to live the day again – not just see it.

With well over a decade of Selby wedding photography experience, think of ourselves as first and foremost, documentary wedidng photographers. However, we also know how important it is to have a few “proper” shots so you can put up a respectable front. So feel free to absolutely own that dance floor – we’ve got you covered.

Selby wedding photography at The Normans sunset silhouette
Bride and groom pose in front of old pickup truck at Skipbridge

Fun Selby Wedding Photography

We don’t just specialise in Selby documentary wedding photography – we specialise in making the whole experience feel relaxed. We want you to spend as much of your day as is possible having fun with your friends and family so your photographs can be an authentic representation of you! 

We have a lot of tips & tricks at our disposal to ensure you can focus on the important things on your wedding day. From expert advice on how to get the best photos with the least amount of fuss or helping you through the planning process so you don’t feel like your day slips away from you – we will put all of our hard earned expertise at your fingertips. 

Does this sound like the kind of Selby wedding day you want to have? Drop us a line!

Selby Wedding Photography Examples

Take a peek at these gorgeous Selby weddings and see how we work!


Bride and groom snuggling in the sunset at Camblesforth Hall & Grange


Camblesforth Hall
Wedding Photography

Take a peek at this gorgeous wedding at one of the newest and most exciting Selby area wedding venues. This gorgeous wedding at Camblesforth Hall is simply “wow”!

Young couple have a first dance at the Oakwood at Ryther


Oakwood at Ryther
Wedding Photography

Check out this fun and energetic wedding photography at The Oakwood at Ryther. This Selby area wedding barn is the perfect spot for a good ol knees up! 

Bride and groom stand inside of boat on lake at skipbridge wedding


Skipbridge Country
Wedding Photography

Cast your peepers over this colourful, relaxed and natural wedding photography at Skipbridge Country Weddings. We love this Selby area wedding tipi location! 

Chilli Barn Wedding Photography

This little known venue is tucked in the rolling hills just minutes outside of Leeds. With spectacular views of the Wharfe Valley, you will just love this flexible and relaxed stone barn conversion. Beautiful views? Yes please!

Horseshoe Farm Wedding Photography

Today we are taking a look at one of our favourite new York wedding venues – Horseshoe Farm! If you are thinking about a tipi wedding, this venue is a must look location!

A Relaxed Winter Wedding at Hornington Manor

Looking for a bit of winter wedding inspiration? Well this lovely little winters wedding at Hornington Manor has got you covered. This couple truly embraced the winter vibes, even if that meant that the Aussie groom had to wear shoes!

Spring Wedding with Lilac Details at Bell Hall

Bell Hall Wedding Photography Yorkshire Wedding Photographers As York wedding photographers we are always on the...

An autumnal wedding at The Normans

York Wedding Photographer at The Normans Wedding Photography at The Normans Wedding Venue As a York wedding...

Selby Wedding Photography Portfolio

Take a peek at some of our favourite Selby & Selby area wedding photos!


Rainy Day Weddings Tips

A little advice about how to embrace a rainy Selby area wedding day


Who says a little rain has to put a frown on your face? Especially at Yorkshire weddings, where a sprinkle of rain can actually enhance the atmosphere and create a magical ambiance for your wedding day! Think misty moors, cosy churches, and lush greenery that comes alive with the pitter-patter of raindrops.

In this blog article, we’ll take a dive into the beauty of rainy day weddings in Selby and give you some super-fun and creative ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable, rain or shine. So grab a funky umbrella, a warm cup of cocoa, and let’s get ready to celebrate a little love in the rain!

Selby Wedding Photography of a couple walking in the rain at The Normans wedding venue

Top Tips for your Selby Area Wedding

How to get the best Selby area wedding photography & have a no-fuss day!


Selby wedding photography

Travelling around Selby, Tadcaster & surrounding villages

Weddings in the Selby area greatly benefit from their rural town and village locations and when it comes to traffic, there are often a lot of alternative routes to your venue if the main arterial roads and congested.

When travelling the A-19, it is good to remember that it is an extremely busy two lane road for most of the distance between Selby & York. This means that sunny Saturdays can be full of traffic heading off towards York and Scarborough. Additionally, the A-19 is frequented by farmers in the area in slow moving tractors or other farm vehicles.

Similar issues can exist on the A64. Although a far larger road with very little farm traffic, the A64 gets a lot of weekend York traffic – particularly on event or race days.

Driving through Selby proper, it is often best to keep to the outer ring roads when possible but even on its worst days, the traffic is pretty light (unless the toll bridge is up!)

Bride and groom kiss under festoon lights in front of the lych gate at Hornington Manor

How to get the best couples photos

Great couples photographs all start with two things – timing and attitude.

As a rule, we prefer to split your couples session into “mini” sessions throughout the day. This ensures that you get to spend the maximum time hanging out with your friends and family. It also means that we are able to see different sides of you throughout the day and reflect that in your photos. For example, end of evening photos often have a more “reflective” vibe or a “party” vibe depending on the couple. So think through your day and identify a few times when we can slip you away for just 10 minutes for a “photo break.” 

As an experienced wedding photographer, one of the biggest tips I give my couples is to remember “whatever is in your head is on your face”. If you don’t feel immediately comfortable having your photo taken – fear not. We have loads of tricks up our sleeve. But one bit of magic we can’t work is making your face look happy if you aren’t trying to have a good time with the process. 

Skipbridge wedding couple kiss in the sunset in front of a field of cows

Grab that golden hour light!

Selby gets some of the most beautiful sunsets due to the uninterrupted skyline and when possible, we always encourage couples to try to schedule a quick photo session during golden hour.

With gorgeous open fields and some amazing venues located just off the River Ouse, there is no shortage of backdrops for a great golden hour photograph.

Just one word of caution as a professional Selby wedding photographers… visible sunsets can be infrequent (it is England, afterall!) even during the summer. So chat with us about alternative evening photo plans so we can talk through some creative options. We love getting photos with those “end of the day” vibes, but we can’t guarantee a visible sunset. 



Our Favourite Selby Area Wedding Venues

There are so many amazing wedding venues to choose from within a 30 minute drive of Selby.
As North Yorkshire wedding photographers, here are just a few of our very favourite venues to work at.

Interior of The Hemmel Barn at Camblesforth Hall & Grange


Camblesforth Hall

This is the newest kid on the block when it comes to Selby area wedding venues. Located just 10 minutes from Selby town centre, this Manor House has pulled out all the stops. Check it out if you want to see some awesome Camblesforth Hall & Grange wedding photography.

Vintage pickup truck decoration at Skipbridge wedding Venue

This eclectic venue is so cute you are going to have to see it yourself. More than a tipi venue, so much thought has gone into the cool little artefacts you will find hidden around every corner. You just have to see some of these Skipbridge Country Weddings photos to believe it! 

Exterior of Hornington Manor set up for outdoor ceremony


Hornington Manor

Located just a few minutes from Tadcaster, Hornington Manor is a modern barn wedding venue with a twist. Offering both indoor and outdoor weddings, this exclusive use venue has so many fun options. You just have to have a look at these Hornington Manor wedding photos

Interior Photograph of The Oakwood at Ryther ceremony hall


The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther has not one but two amazing barn spaces. With ample accommodation, this venue is a have-it-all location.  These Oakwood at Ryther wedding photos are too fun to miss – click through and check them out. 

Interior of the wedding reception barn at The Normans Wedding Venue

These wedding photos from the Normans wedding venue between York and Tadcaster really showcase the fun and versatility of this converted barn space. There are cute little cow sheds and gorgeous views across the fields that are just too good to miss.

Bride Bride and groom standing in front of a mobile bar with their dog in the foreground


Horseshoe Farm

These Horseshoe Farm wedding photos showcase a  venuethat is  just 30 minutes from Selby. With a sweetheart cottage space and an open field for your tipi or marquee, this venue has a beautiful wild & rustic vibe that is just modern enough in all the right places!


How many photographers do you need for your Selby wedding photography?

​When it comes to choosing the number of photographers for your Selby wedding, there are a few factors to consider, such as the size of your event and the level of coverage you want. For instance, if you’re planning a small micro-wedding, one photographer may be just fine. However, if you want to capture every moment, including the preparations, you might want to consider having two photographers.

In addition to making group shots faster and more organized, having two photographers means that at least one of them is always ready to capture any unexpected events or moments that arise – like when your best man pulls out the baby photos! With two photographers, no two events are captured in the same way, and you get to enjoy more unique and creative perspectives.

We offer a range of wedding photography packages that include as many as one to three professional photographers/videographers. Our style is super relaxed, and we always strive to make sure that our couples feel comfortable and stress-free throughout the whole process. All the fun – none of the fuss!

What happens if it rains at my Selby area wedding?

Let’s face it – your wedding is in Yorkshire – not Sydney. You absolutely have to plan for a bit of fun in the rain. It would be rude not to!

As we have discussed before in a few of our blog and Instagram posts, the only reason that a bit of rain on your wedding day has to be an issue is if you let it.

It is the one thing about the day you cannot control, so all you can do is make a solid plan for it to happen and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.

Talk to your Selby wedding photographer about their rainy weather ideas and work with them to come up with alternative locations for things like group shots and couple’s photos.

And don’t worry about your dress getting a little wet… remember you wear that dress, don’t let it wear you!

When should I hire a Selby Wedding Photographer?

Booking an amazing wedding photographer like trying to get the last slice of your favorite pizza in a crowded room full of hungry people. That’s why it’s always better to book your Selby wedding photography early, just like you’d book your favorite pizza place for a Saturday night dinner. Trust me, good photographers can fill up their calendar years in advance!

But don’t panic! In recent years, some weird stuff has been going on that we can’t talk about (wink, wink). Photographers have been experiencing erratic booking patterns with a dramatic increase in off-season and mid-week dates. You don’t have to compete with the masses for a weekend wedding slot anymore. You can have an amazing wedding any day of the week, any time of the year.

So, don’t worry if you think you’ve missed the boat. It’s not too late to get in touch  – we’ll help you find the perfect photographer. Even if we’re booked, we’ve got some photographer pals who will take good care of you.

How many hours of Selby wedding photography do you need?

The number of hours of attendance you will need for your Selby wedding photography depends on a lot of factors. However, our experience says that full day packages should begin at 8 hours for a single venue all day. For the majority of weddings, we recommend 10 hours of attendance so we can be there from prep to the first dance. Looking for a little more? We offer per-hour ala cart hours beginning at £100 hour. Looking for something a little smaller? We offer reduced hour coverage ones select dates. Get in touch for all of our price and availability options.

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