Young couple have a first dance at the Oakwood at Ryther

Thanks for stopping by and reading up on our Oakwood at Ryther wedding photography. As wedding photographers, we have some fantastic insider information about The Oakwood at Ryther. We hope you find it helpful to learn a little more about this amazing North Yorkshire wedding venue. Whilst you are here, you can also find out a little bit more about our special brand of fun and relaxed Yorkshire wedding photography. 

Bridesmaids wearing patterned robes laugh in the Oakwood suite

About The oakwood at Ryther Weddings

The Oakwood at Ryther is an exclusive-use barn style wedding venue that offers a great blend of the rustic and modern.

This fantastic Yorkshire wedding venue offers a separate ceremony barn and wedding breakfast room as well as plentiful and chic on-site accommodation.

The Oakwood at Ryther has a rich history dating back to the 1500’s and has had a life as an area used for tree felling as well as a working farm.

The skilful modernisation of the property as a wedding venue has shown a great eye for the littlest detail and we notice that couples feel right at home in the hands of a staff who are prepared to bend over backwards to make sure their day

Bride and groom have first kiss in front of light curtain at the Oakwood at Ryther

Wedding Photography at The Oakwood at Ryther

As wedding photographers, we have really enjoyed getting to know this new North Yorkshire wedding venue and watching it grow over the last 2 years.

We are located in Selby, just a short 15 minute drive from the Oakwood at Ryther and so we are very excited to see such a fantastic new venue open practically on our doorstep.

Photographically, the venue is a dream with bright windows everywhere (on every photographer’s wish list!) and a well-designed lighting plan.

There are many bright and airy locations available for couples photographs and more than enough space to take even the largest of large group photographs.

The entire venue is centred around a large courtyard with gorgeous seasonal flowers and even a gazebo to hang out in if it rains (or if there is too much sunshine!).

With several different zones and focal points, there are so many options that it never feels like you are shooting the same locations twice.

The Oakwood at Ryther

  Buildings & Amenities

Interior Photograph of The Oakwood at Ryther ceremony hall

The Ceremony Hall

This rectangular barn is the space where civil weddings are performed. It is extremely spacious and seats up to 160 guests very comfortably.

There is just so much for a wedding photographer to love about this space! From the fantastic rustic walls and whalebone arched ceilings to the bright and beautiful light curtain, this space offers a lot of opportunities to capture some great photos.

As Oakwood at Ryther wedding photographers, one of the things we love the most about the ceremony hall is the long aisle. It gives us lots of opportunities to capture your entrance and exit (and the smiles and happy tears!). The back exit also allows you a place to hide out for just a few minutes whilst everyone gathers for a big confetti shot!

In the evening, we have sometimes seen this barn reopened as a chill-out space away from the music. One of our couples used it to serve evening brownies and espresso martinis before the night time do really kicked off!


Birds eye view interior photograph of the Old Grain Store at The Oakwood at Ryther

The Old Grain Store

The Old Grain store is a significantly larger barn than the Ceremony Hall and easily holds up to 250 guests during your night-time party. The room layout is divided between two floors with a mezzanine area for guests to hang out during the party if they feel like taking a break from all the dancing. We have seen the mezzanine area used for lots of fun activities such as photobooths and glitter booths.

The bottom floor area has a generous amount of seating and if you use the venue’s furnishings, they provide the most gorgeous plush chairs (no lycra chair covers here thank you very much!).

In the evening, when the dancing begins, there is always such a great sense of atmosphere with plenty of space for a live band. During the summer light keeps the dancefloor bathed in golden hour sunshine late into the evening and during the winter, you can easily see the stars outside the huge windows giving a great outdoor to indoor feel to the space.

As Oakwood at Ryther wedding photographers, having such an open, yet atmospheric dance floor really makes it easy to get all those blackmail shots of your crew that you can’t wait to see later!  


Our Oakwood at Ryther Wedding Photography Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of some of our favourite weddings at the Oakwood at Ryther. Please feel free to have a nosey and then get in touch to chat with us about how we can help you get some fun, relaxed wedding photographs with minimum fuss.

Your Wedding Photography at

The Oakwood at Ryther

Couple stand in dront of fairy lights in barn at The Oakwood at Ryther

Couples Portraits at The Oakwood at Ryther

One of the best parts of photographing weddings at the Oakwood at Ryther is that we don’t have to go far for couples photos. This means maximum time with your friends and family. The rustic charm and textures of the exterior walls make for great backdrops as well as the open country lane leading into the venue. There are several mature trees available to create a natural feeling backdrop. Additionally, there are several newly planted areas (such as the Mediterranean style archways) that will continue to mature and create beautiful new spaces year after year.

A group photograph of a bride being picke dup by bridesmaids at The Oakwood at Ryther

Group Photographs at The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther has a lot of options when it comes to group shots. Depending on weather, we can use the central courtyard area or even use one of the pretty building walls.  If the rain comes calling, never fear. We can easily use the ceremony hall or the gazebo to shelter you and your guests from the rain.

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Important Information About

The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther Address:

The Oakwood at Ryther

LS24 9EL

Phone: 07384 116730

Exterior shot of courtyard during wedding at The Oakwood at Ryther wedding

The Oakwood at Ryther Parking:

Parking is generous and available onsite in the designated parking area near the ceremony hall.

Exterior night time shot at The Oakwood at Ryther on cloudy night

Low light evening exterior of the Oakwood at Ryther from the field


The Oakwood at Ryther Accommodation:

There is generous and beautiful overnight accommodation that can house up to 32 people which means your closest friends and wedding crew will have somewhere to stay before and after the party which really minimises the stress on the day. The rooms are stylish and the bridal suite used for getting ready in the morning has an amazing balcony that overlooks the comfortable shared lounge space.

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies at the Oakwood at Ryther are performed by the North Yorkshire Registry Office

The Oakwood at Ryther on the Internet

The Oakwood at Ryther Website

The Oakwood at Ryther Instagram


How to find The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther is located off of a long lane in the village of Ryther. Be careful of using your sat-nav as it may direct you to go down a wrong road. However, there will be a sign warning you that it has no access to the venue. Instead, continue onto the next left hand turn and you will be back on track to the venue. After you pass the train overpass you will be getting close to the venue. There is a large sign just outisde of the venue entrance.

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