Top 5 Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues

The best places in Yorkshire for the most beautiful wedding photography!

I always think that awesome Yorkshire wedding photography and a beautiful, rustic barn setting make for the perfect match. Like gravy on chips or a nice brew after a long journey – some things in life just belong together! We love being wedding photographers in Yorkshire and over the years we’ve had the pleasure of visiting some truly spectacular Yorkshire barn venues. So, without further ado (and in no particular order) here are five of our top Barn Venues for Yorkshire Wedding Photography.

Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues Collage of Barmbyfield Barns Wedding

Barmbyfield Barns

Nestled away in the fields just outside of Barmby Moor (near York) lies one of the finest barn venues that Yorkshire has to offer. We’ve had an amazing journey with Barmbyfield Barns – way back in 2012 we photographed one of the first weddings at Barmbyfield Barns and over the years it’s been so exciting to see this venue blossom into such an incredible place.

The 18th Century renovated Barns make a perfect (and exceptionally beautiful) blank canvas for couples to really express their individual style and personality. Scarecrows, indoor gardens and vintage fair games – every time we photograph a wedding at Barmbyfield Barns we know it’s going to be a fresh and exciting experience

At Barmbyfield Barns the fun happens as much outside as it does inside. A rope swing can make for some hilarious wedding photography moments or is great for when you fancy really letting your hair down. Fishing for ducks in the pond, a little hula-hoop or a fiercely competitive space hopper race – this is what Yorkshire wedding photography is all about.

Just a short walk away over the rolling fields that surround the barns and we are treated to some truly spectacular sunsets. And hey, if walking doesn’t suit you – why not grab a passing groom for a lift!

Barmbyfield Barns holds a special place in our hearts and I can honestly say that a Yorkshire wedding photography year would not feel complete without visiting this venue at least once.


Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues Collage of East Riddlesden Hall Weddings

East Riddlesden Hall

West Yorkshire is home to the fantastic East Riddlesden Hall. East Riddlesden Hall is a National Trust property and has all the awesome you would expect from a National Trust property and one of Yorkshires top barn-wedding venues. The historic house is surrounded by beautiful, intimate gardens and has a giant pond (teeming with some of the most spoilt ducks in Yorkshire) – a perfect backdrop for some super-fun Yorkshire wedding photography!

East Riddlesden looks fantastic in all the seasons and I find it really hard to pick my favorite time of year to work there. We’ve attended some really gorgeous, autumnal themed weddings when the leaves have turned, creating beautiful red, and gold reflections in the pond. Similarly, spring weddings see the trees laden with pink and white blossoms that look awesome in the photos.

Although you can get married in the main house – East Riddlesden Hall also hosts celebrations in the onsite Airedale Barn. The barn is an amazing space to let your imagination go wild – everything from homemade, DIY weddings to more elaborate styling’s look fantastic against the ancient, oak beams.

As wedding photographers in Yorkshire, we know that the staff at wedding venues can play such a key part in how happy couples feel and the success of wedding days. At East Riddlesden Hall you couldn’t ask for a more helpful and friendly team of people.  We always know that weddings at East Riddlesden Hall will be full of team spirit and that everyone will be committed to making the celebrations truly memorable!


Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues collage of Villa Farm Weddings


Villa Farm

Villa Farm (near York) is a venue we return to time and again and always find something new and exciting to fire our imaginations. Set in six acres of private gardens and located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, Villa Farms is an awesome setting for any wedding.

A giant pond and plenty of space for garden games and outside shenanigans make Villa Farm ideal for super fun weddings. As a bonus, Villa Farm has on site luxury cottages available that are perfect for wedding guests travelling from afar or for couples looking to have a really relaxed wedding day free from the stress of ‘on the day’ travel.

Although Villa Farm has long been one of our favorite wedding venues in Yorkshire to photograph at – 2017 only saw it get even better! The soon-to-open York Barn has us crazy excited by the possibilities for some super-awesome Yorkshire wedding photography opportunities.

We were lucky enough to visit the lovely Corrina (wedding co coordinator supreme and owner at Villa Farms) while York barn was being renovated and it was incredible seeing first hand all the care and attention that she was putting into the build.

One entire side of York barn is nothing but massive, windowed doors providing a spectacular panorama of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Summer weddings can have the doors fully open, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, while under floor heating keeps everyone snug in the winter and makes the York Barn a fantastic all season, barn-wedding venue.

With a super friendly staff and the possibility of ‘on the day’ co ordination, Villa Farm is an easy pick for one of Yorkshire’s top barn venues!


Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues Collage of Hornington Manor Farm Weddings


Hornington Manor

Tucked away in the village of Bolton Percy in the North Yorkshire countryside is Hornington Manor. We love Hornington Manor as a bit of change of pace to some of the other Yorkshire barn venues on this list.

Weddings at Hornington Manor get use of the property and accommodation for the entire weekend of the wedding date. This certainly makes for some super relaxed and fun Yorkshire wedding photography as the wedding day becomes part of a mini break. Last minute rushing around is simply not necessary when you’ve had the extra time to prepare and we find that our couples who get married at Hornington Manor seem to effortlessly slide into their wedding days without a care in the world and in the perfect frame of mind to get down to some serious partying.

Hornington Manor has a number of locations licensed for ceremonies making it a perfect venue if you like the idea of getting married outside and simply move the party into the barn later as the evening goes on. We just love the festoon lighting and flower adorned archway at the lych gate and these look awesome in the ceremony photos and later in the evening for couples photographs.

The wood paneled barn is a fantastic space to let your creativity flow and we just love the variety in styling’s of the weddings we photograph at Hornington Manor. With panaromic views over fields of grazing sheep (who just love photo bombing) and a giant lawn (and I mean giant! We’ve even photographed a caber toss on the lawn before) for all kinds of garden games – Hornington Manor is the perfect setting for some truly awesome Yorkshire wedding photography.


Yorkshire Wedding Photography Barn Venues Collage of The Normans Weddings


The Normans

Located in Billbrough (near York), The Normans is an awesome barn venue right in the heart of Yorkshire. A relatively new wedding venue – The Normans opened their doors in 2016 and from the moment we photographed our first wedding there we fell a little bit in love.

The Normans has a little bit of everything – weddings at The Normans are spread over the courtyard, an indoor Marquee, the cow stalls (renovated for a more stylish use as a snug area for guests to sit & relax) and the ceremony barn. Believe me – all these little bits go together to make one hell of a lot of awesome!

So as to stay excited about each and every wedding that they host, the owners at the Normans limit the number of weddings to no more than one week day and one weekend wedding per week. With an approach that concentrates on quality over quantity, every couple is assured that their wedding is given the care and attention to bring their creative ideas to life.

The beautiful Yorkshire landscape provides an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for some awesome Yorkshire wedding photography and after the ceremony we just love to sneak couples back into the Georgian barn to get some photographs in front of the amazing light wall.

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