Volunteering At Jerry Green Dog Rescue

The Tux & Tales Family are all HUGE animal lovers. Jaye & Matt are bossed about by 3 cats –  Ernie, Poppy & Flannel and one moose-style cat named Andy (AKA The Moose). Jess has her gender fluid pussycat named Shirley and Bee is owned by a very sweet but very demanding feline friend named Boadicea. But one thing we found lacking the T&T menagerie was a dog! Since we are all such busy photographers we don’t have the time to keep up after a poochy-pal.

So to cure Jaye’s insatiable dog-broody-ness (this is a word) and to give back to pooches in need – Jaye & Matt volunteer at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Thirsk every 6 weeks taking photographs of the new-intake dogs. Great photos which showcase a dog’s individual personality are shown to be a huge boost to the adoption rates of even the hardest to place dogs.

Additionally, Jaye & Matt help out with various Jerry Green fund raising events holding mini photo sessions and “dog-booths” (which is as awesome as it sounds). Jaye & Matt get to play with loveable doggies and help them find their forever homes at the same time – everybody wins!

If you are thinking about making a dog a part of your life – we strongly encourage you to speak with the dedicated staff at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. They work hard to match the right dog to the right owner so everyone walks away with a dog that suits their personality and lifestyle.

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