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Howdy Neighbourino and welcome to our York Wedding Photography portfolio page where you can find out a little bit more about our special kind of fun and relaxed York wedding photography as well as some insider info about planning your wedding day in one of the most interesting and historic cities in the north – York!

We are Jaye & Matt and we are York wedding photographers who believe that your wedding day is perfect just as it is and we want to bring your special style of fun, geeky silliness to life. No hours of awkward posing and no cringey “enforced fun.”

Just real people, real love and real moments in photographs you love to look at.

Our York Photography Approach

Our photographic style is relaxed and unobtrusive, but we aren’t “ninjas.” Because really, we are weird enough without hiding in the bushes and sneaking around on tip toes to get the best shot.

Instead, we hide in plain sight, having fun and blending in with your guests and acting as your eyes and ears on the day. That way, when you look back at your photos, you are getting to live the day again – not just see it.

With over a decade of wedding photography experience, we consider ourselves to be first and foremost York documentary wedding photographers. However, we also know how important it is to have a few “tidy” shots so you can put up a respectable front. So feel free to absolutely dominate that dance floor – we’ve got you covered.

Bride and Groom laugh during couples portraits at a Barmbyfield Barns wedding.
Exterior photograph of York Minster church at sunset

Fun York Wedding Photography

We don’t just specialise in York documentary wedding photography – we specialise in making the whole experience feel fun. We want our couples to spend the maximum time on their wedding day visiting friends and family – not being carted off to a photoshoot.

We use a lot of secret-sauce tricks to make sure you can focus on the things that matter to you all day. From expert advice on how to get amazing photos in the heart of York to help with your planning process to ensure you aren’t pushed from pillar to post – we put all of our battlefield expertise at your tingly little fingertips.

Does this sound like the kind of York wedding day you want to have? Drop us a line!

York Wedding Photography Examples

Take a peek at these awesome York weddings and see how we work!


Bride and groom take a wedding photo by window inside Merchant Adventurers Hall

Take a little lookie loo a this York wedding photography at Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. These weddings truly capture that York city centre vibe with all of the rich history the city has to offer.

Tux & Tales Photography

Check out this fun and bohemian wedding photography at York Barn at Villa Farm. If you are planning a wedding with a rustic twist, this wedding might be just up your alley.

Retro bride and groom kiss under a shower of confetti outside the Hospitum in York


A Hospitum Wedding in York City Centre

Cast your peepers over this colourful and vibrant wedding photography at the Hospitium on the grounds of York’s Museum Gardens. Bonus points if you can spot Elvis shaking his pelvis.

Possibly the most fun wedding ever held at The Hospitium

Lauren & Dan’s wedding at The Hospitium in York has got to be the most fun wedding they have ever hosted. This couple live to make each other laugh and my whole day was keeping up with the shenanigans….

Camblesforth Hall Wedding Photography

Camblesforth Hall is an exciting new venue located near Selby (between York & Leeds) and has had the most glorious transformation. Take a peek at our first wedding at this awesome new venue.

Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding Photography

Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is an amazing venue for a quirky and one of a kind wedding day. Check out our blog post on this unique historical building and our approach to photographing there.

The Hospitium Wedding Photography

The Hospitium is one of York’s most sought after wedding venues. Located in Museum Gardens, this 14th Century building has bags of character and easy access to all of York’s beauty spots!

Skipbridge Country Weddings Photography

Take a little peek at some of our super fun and relaxed wedding photos at this quirky and unique tipi venue. We just love working at Skipbridge because it really does represent the best of what Yorkshire has to offer!

A Bohemian Wedding at Woodstock Weddings & Events in York

This lovely red headed bride and her groom had the most amazing day at Woodstock Weddings featuring both an amazing sunset and a sudden downpour!

Rainy Day Weddings In York

A little advice about how to embrace a rainy York wedding day


With its cosy snickleways and characterful streets, York is a very easy location to take some amazing wet-weather wedding photos if you know where to go!  The narrow lanes between buildings (“snickleways” for those in the know!) make the perfect location for photographs with a bit of free shelter from the ladders, tunnels and awnings of these back streets.

For even more cover, try photos in The Shambles where the historic buildings create overhangs to duck underneath. Alternatively, the doorways of York Minster offer a good deal of protection as do the entrance to the Museum in Musuem Gardens and the entrance to the York Art Gallery.

Bridesmaids take an umbrella from the groom during a rainy wedding

Top Tips for your York Wedding

How to have a smooth wedding day & get the best York wedding photography!


Bride's mum photographs her getting out of the wedding car on a rainy day

Remember the Races!

Weddings in York are always pretty exciting, but you know what isn’t? Traffic. And as much as York is known for its gorgeous castle walls and some fun Viking shenanigans, it is also known for having gridlock that would make the LA Freeway proud.

Remember to check for any events – particularly the races – which might be taking place on your big day. If your wedding is in a venue around the outer ring roads, remember that sunny Saturdays mean lots of Scarborough traffic.

As York wedding photographers, we have seen couples make great use of alternative transport such as a vintage buses or even TukTuks!

Make sure to plan for the unexpected by leaving more time to travel than you think you need!


A bride and groom dancing in The Shambles in York

City Portraits

York is an absolutely ideal location for some  super fun and very pretty wedding photographs. We get clients from all of the world who even come to York to get back on their wedding kit and stomp around the city and the city walls for some extra wedding photos in the characterful cobbled streets.

Up for a bit of Harry Potter? The Shambles has you covered.

You looking for a bit of medieval action? Let’s get some photos in front of the city’s most historic buildings.

With the River Ouse at our fingertips and Museum Gardens a short stomp from most locations, we have more amazing locations than time!

An important factor to consider when planning your day is to book in some time after 6pm for your wedding photos as the city becomes super quiet after 6pm and you will have the run of the place. Unless you are up some bustling city scenes full of tourists, street performers and even the occasional Hari Krishna. In that case, we can work with that!


Skipbridge wedding couple kiss in the sunset in front of a field of cows

Seize the Sunset!

York gets some of the most beautiful sunsets and when possible, we always encourage couples to try to schedule a quick photo session during golden hour.

We are happy to pop up to the city walls or out along the river where the sunset extends into he evening.

Just one word of caution as a professional York wedding photographer… those city walls can sometimes close earlier than is posted so we try not to stay up there until the last possible moment or we could be in for a bit of a hike to the closest working exit.



Our Favourite York City Wedding Venues

 As North Yorkshire wedding photographers, we have photographed weddings in loads of locations.

Here are just a few of our favourite locations so you can find your perfect wedding venue.

Interior photograph of Merchant Adventurers Hall set up for a wedding breakfast

Ohhhhh yeahhhh…. You want some medieval madness? Well then you want Merchant Adventurer’s Hall. A true wood-beam extravaganza, this middle ages guildhall has character, history, whimsically wonky walls and an undercroft so you can party like it is 1099.

Interior photograph of Grays Court dining room set up for a wedding breakfast

A truly historic family owned wedding venue located just a minute or so walk from the Minster. Grays Court is a photographer’s dream with several amazing locations for photographs just a hop away (not to mention their very own amazing walled garden!). Have your ceremony indoors or outdoors – Grays court is the perfect location for bijou York weddings.

The outdoor pergola set up for a wedding at Villa Farm York Barn

Located just a few miles outside of York City, Villa Farm is one of the best wedding venues any couple could choose. Boasting a large and impeccably decorated barn, Villa Farm also has full guest accommodation so all of your guests can stay on site. Villa Farm’s staff cannot do enough for you and your wedding will have the personalised touch every couple wants.

Interior of The hospitium set up for a wedding breakfast

The Hospitium is a listed building located in the heart of York’s famous Museum Gardens. Built in the 14th Century, it has that ” Ye Olde ” feeling we all love about York. The building is two storey and shockingly versatile. There are so many photographic options on your doorstep – your wedding photos will thank you!


How many photographers do you need for your York wedding photography?

How many photographers you want to photograph your York wedding can really be dependant upon the size of your wedding and the number of event you want covered.

For example, if you are having a micro-wedding, having one photographer is likely to be plenty. However, if you are both wanting to have your preparations covered, you will often want to have 2 photographers for at least a portion of the day.

Additionally, having two photographers can make organising people into group shots MUCH faster and generally allows at least one photographer to always be mentally ready to jump in when unexpected action happens.

As York wedding photographers, we believe the greatest benefit of two photographers is the texture that it adds to the photos as we are never shooting the same event in the same way. Two photographers means that you get more “eyes” on the scene.

Our York wedding photography packages offer as many as one and up to three professional photographers/videographers and as our style is super relaxed, no worries about it feeling “intense.”

What happens if it rains at my York wedding?

Let’s face it – your wedding is in Yorkshire – not Sydney. You absolutely have to plan for a bit of fun in the rain. It would be rude not to!

As we have discussed before in a few of our blog and Instagram posts, the only reason that a bit of rain on your wedding day has to be an issue is if you let it.

It is the one thing about the day you cannot control, so all you can do is make a solid plan for it to happen and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.

Talk to your York wedding photographer about their rainy weather ideas and work with them to come up with alternative locations for things like group shots and couple’s photos.

And don’t worry about your dress getting a little wet… remember you wear that dress, don’t let it wear you!

When should I hire a York Wedding Photographer?

Booking your York wedding photography early is always advisable as good photographers can fill up years in advance. However, given the recent years (not saying the C word – you can’t make me!) photographers have been experiencing unusually erratic booking patterns with a dramatic increase in off season and mid week dates. So don’t feel like you are too late. Get in touch as soon as possible and we will help you find the perfect photographer (even if it means referring you to one of our photographer pals who will take good care of you!)

How many hours of York wedding photography do you need?

The number of hours of attendance you will need for your York wedding photography depends on a lot of factors. However, our experience says that full day packages should begin at 8 hours for a single venue all day. For the majority of weddings, we recommend 10 hours of attendance so we can be there from prep to the first dance. Looking for a little more? We offer per-hour ala cart hours beginning at £100 hour. Looking for something a little smaller? We offer reduced hour coverage ones select dates. Get in touch for all of our price and availability options.

Let’s Chat!

We are North Yorkshire wedding photographers and we love to photograph relaxed informal weddings in and around the City of York including venues such as De Grey Rooms, Greys Court, Villa Farm, Merchant Adventurers Hall, National Centre for Early Music, Merchant Taylors Hall, National Railway Museum & Carlton Towers. We love to photograph weddings full of smiles, energy and authentic love.

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