Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Important Do’s & Don’t’s

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We normally like to spend our blogging time sharing fun and quirky aspects of our business and life. While we love talking about things like…how to include tattoos into the theme of your wedding and leaving you with tips and hints for awesome venues, we do sometimes, only every now and again, have to tell you about the less exciting bits and bobs, i.e. the legality surrounding sharing and using your wedding photography images.

Yawn, I hear you. But we promise it is important. And there will be cake.

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Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Sharing Your Images Online

First and foremost – we love it when you share your photographs. Like super love it. Share them far and wide with your friends and family. Bang them up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr – whatever the kids are using these days. But it would be amazingly cool if you could tag us and include a link to our site or social media page. This not only means that we could see some of your friend’s reactions to your lovely pictures, but it also means that we get proper photography credit for the work we’ve done. This is especially lovely because it means someone else may like your photos so much that they want to hire us and THAT means…we can buy the really nice cat food.

You can tag us at:

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Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Sharing Your Images With Vendors

It’s no surprise that with how happy and beautiful everyone looks in our photos that occasionally another company will see your images and think, ‘hey, they would look fabulous in a poster for my wedding cake business’. And that business may contact you asking to use your wedding images. However, you have a non-commercial license to reprint and redistribute, and that means that you shouldn’t give your images to anyone planning on using them for business, commercial or advertising purposes.

Instead, give any business owner or vendor rep our details! Jaye ( is more than happy to talk to vendors about using our work commercially, but the arrangements really do have to be made with us directly.

As a matter of practise, we will always ask for your wedding vendor details and ask for your permission to share your wedding photos with vendors. If you provide this information to us when we request it – it makes it super simple for us to contact your vendors directly ourselves during the down season when we have time to deal with image requests. If you would prefer not to share your images with your vendors (or particular vendors) that is okay too. Making your cake does not confer a right to a copy of a photograph of that cake.

An important note about vendor compensation – it is illegal to accept compensation for images where you don’t hold the copyright. So accepting venue discounts, free weekends, free make-up trails, etc. in exchange for providing a vendor with a copy of your wedding photographs for commercial use is a no-go. You have purchased the private rights to reprint and redistribute (which is all you need for normal use of your images) – you don’t hold copyright. Under UK law – this right remains with us and accepting compensation for our work product is not cool.

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Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Sharing Your Images in Print

Don’t forget about printing! Maybe having your phone to hand is great for showing people your big day photographs on the go, but nothing really beats a good old fashioned photo album in the house. The colours will always look richer and truer on a printed image and while you can have your photos printed at any lab you like, we offer our own professional lab services that guarantee the best possible results that will last beautifully for like, a really, super long time, as in generations long.

We also offer an amazing range of albums supplied by one of Europe’s leading album manufacturers. Prices can start as affordable as £250 so feel free to have a browse on our pricing page.

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Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Sharing Your Images With The Media (Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers, TV)

We are super lucky to get awesome clients who let us get some awesome photographs of their big day and this means we are also lucky enough to have our work featured in many blogs and magazines. If you would like for us to submit your wedding to a particular blog or magazine – please let us know and we would be happy to chat with you about the process. It is good to note that some blogs and magazines require exclusivity so please chat with us as soon as possible if you would like to be featured.

Because our work is very sought after (awwww shucks!) we are often approached by blogs and magazines who follow our social media accounts. If this happens – we will let you know. It can be a nice little buzz for your Friday to casually open a magazine and leave it on the table in the office break room for other people to ‘accidentally’ stumble upon…

If you are approached directly by the media to share your wedding photos for features like newspaper articles, blog articles, or TV programs (it happens!) please contact us. Remember that this kind of use results in profit for the publisher and so it falls under commercial use and will need our permission.

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Sharing Your Wedding Photography

Ring Our Bell

Nothing leaves us feeling more chuffed than seeing our work being shared by you! If you’re unsure about anything just ask us, we’re always happy to answer your questions.

PS – The cake was a lie.

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