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Kara & Jonny’s ERH Wedding

Wedding Photography at East Riddlesden Hall.

Some of our absolute favourite wedding photography in Yorkshire happens when we visit venues that we know and love. As one of the finest barn-wedding venues in Yorkshire, we have always loved wedding photography at East Riddlesden Hall and eagerly look forward to our next photography adventure at this amazing venue. East Riddlesden Hall is the perfect complement to our unique blend of happy and relaxed wedding photography and with the addition of a super fun couple like Jonny & Kara we just knew it was going to be an absolute corker of a wedding.

Jonny and Kara are just about the loveliest couple we have ever photographed. From the moment we met them at an East Riddlesden Hall wedding fair, we got on like a house on fire. A fantastically fun engagement shoot later just cemented this friendship and by the time their wedding was on the horizon, we were absolutely hopping to get stuck in and capture them some awesome, authentic Yorkshire wedding photography.

Bride helps sister put on her makeup.
Bride's twin sister helps her do her makeup in a room with blue walls.
Bridesmaid picks nose and makes funny face at Yorkshire Wedding.
Adorable baby smiles as bride gets her dressed.
Bride makes funny face as she gets ready before her East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Mum and grandmother make faces to baby flower girl at wedding.

Some couples just seem to complement each other so well – Jonny is calm and grounded and such a lovely guy, while Kara is super lively and always on the move. These differences (that make them such an awesome pairing) were certainly never more apparent than on the morning of their wedding. While Jaye met up with Kara (+ at least fifteen other people) for a super lively and fun-packed prep at her parent’s home, I (Matt) joined Jonny who was having a super chilled out morning at home with a few friends. Pretty soon Jonny was ready to leave and while we were making our way over to East Riddlesden Hall, not too far away Jaye was capturing Kara’s big reveal to her family – I just love the over the shoulder angle and the reaction on her fathers face in this photograph.

Bride holds up bridget jones style pants at Yorkshire wedding.
Bigger flower girls play with baby flower girl.
Bride's sister arranges her veil at Yorkshire wedding.
Beautiful alternative bride wearing bindi holds a bouquet that mixes flowers and vegetables.
Bride's father and friends see her in her dress for the first time at East Riddlesen Hall wedding.

An awesome vintage bus carried Kara to East Riddlesden Hall in style and pretty soon she was walking down the aisle to meet an excited Jonny. An emotional ceremony later and they were finally married – then it was straight back outside and into a hail of confetti and hugs. Some of my favourite wedding photography at East Riddlesden Hall happens during the post-ceremony mingle – everyone is just so happy! People had travelled from far and wide to congratulate Kara and Jonny on their special day and watching them go out of their way to make sure they didn’t miss saying hi to anyone, I can well see why they’re so loved!

Bride has a huge, happy smile as she exits the bus for her wedding at East Riddlesden Hall.
Alternative bride with pink hair and flower crown walks up aisle at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Bride smiles and kicks groom as she reaches the top of the aisle at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Wedding at East Riddlesden Hall
Baby makes noise during wedding ceremony at East Riddlesden Hall
Bride's mother smiles at groom during post ceremony mingle at Yorkshire Wedding
Confetti outside of barn doors at East Riddlesden Hall
Bride sits on hay bales at barn wedding whilst visiting with guests at East Riddlesden Hall.
Bride smiles and laughs with guest at East Riddlesden Hall
Guest throws confetti at bride outside of barn at East Riddlesden Hall

While guests entertained themselves with garden games, canopies and a string quartet, we whisked Kara and Jonny away for some couples portraits. Wedding photography in Yorkshire on a sunny afternoon sure is a fantastic way to spend your time and Kara and Jonny were full of smiles and giggles. The vintage bus and beautiful barn doors provided the perfect backdrop for some super fun wedding photography and there was even time for a surprise visit from their dog! After a lot of laughter, it was finally time to re-join their guests and head into the barn for the afternoon’s entertainment.

Bride & groom sit inside woodland den at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Bride with pink hair has a woodland kiss at East Riddlesden Hall wedding
Bride and groom kiss behind their adorable dog at Yorkshire wedding.
Little flower girl running away during group photos at Yorkshire wedding.
Bride and twin sister kiss her dad on the cheeks at East Riddlesden Hall

An emotional set of speeches soon had everyone in floods of tears and laughter. Then it was finally time to tuck into the amazing feast that had been prepared.

Guest at colourful wedding blows bubbles.
Bride's mother gives thumb's up and smiles at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Bride with pink hair smiling during speeches at Yorkshire wedding.
Wedding speeches at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Bride gives dad big hug whilst sister toasts with wine glass at fun and emotional wedding in Yorkshire.
Guest has big laugh during wedding speeches
Bride makes shocked face during a funny wedding speech at East Riddlesden Hall
Bride smiles sweetly during speeches at East Riddlesden Hall.
Bride and groom smile and laughs during toasts.
Little flower girl does cartwheel behind speeches.

The sun was setting as we headed Jonny and Kara down the hill and into the beautiful golden light for some awesome East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography. On our way back, Jonny decided to give his bride a piggyback up the hill – not to be outdone, Kara soon took over and finished the journey with Jonny firmly on her back. Like I said – the perfect pairing!

Bride holds up dress when walking down to field behind East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley
Bride in flower crown snuggles groom wearing braces in sunset golden hour at East Riddlesden Hall.
Wedding Photography at East Riddlesden Hall,
Bride gives groom at piggyback ride in bare feet at fun wedding.

A fantastic band and a leaping dance floor rounded off the perfect day of wedding photography at East Riddlesden Hall.

Guests laughing at wedding at East Riddlesden Hall
Silly bride shows off dress with a dirty hem at fun wedding in Yorkshire
Bride and groom laugh and smile as they cut their cake.
Bride and groom have first dance in barn with purple lighting.
Bride in flower crown dancing.
Bride and groom hug on dance floor with purple lighting.
Guests making silly faces at wedding party
Bride dancing and having fun at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Guests laughing and dancing at party with purple uplighters.
Bride hugs mum on dance floor at East Riddlesden Hall wedding.
Flower girl dancing with other guests at East Riddlesden Hall wedding with purple lighting.
East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography

Kara and Jonny, I wish all weddings were as amazing as yours – you guys smashed it!

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