Barcelona Street Photography

Street Scenes in Barcelona

I don’t often post much personal work on my blog because I always kinda think that people who are visiting our website just want to see weddings. However, on the rare occasions that I post photographs of my adventures, I always get so many awesome comments from our couples that it always makes me think “I should do this more!”

Recently I attended a photography retreat in Barcelona with a few of my photographer pals. All of us, to one degree or another, are documentary-led photographers and thanks to the brilliant Anna (chief organiser) we decided to hop over to Barcelona to do some street photography so we could all hone our documentary skills.

Invariably I always find photographing in groups something of a challenge as I am so used to working at weddings where it is just me, Matt and a big ol party. At a wedding, the subjects are (more or less) willing, the atmosphere is full of buzz and I am always able to get the right shot at the right moment. However, street photography forces me to get out of my comfort zone and to spend a little more time “shooting from the hip,” working in unfamiliar situations with subjects who may or may not be as willing as I would like. I always find that every time I do something a little bit different than the usual – I walk away thinking about how I can incorporate what I have learned into my wedding photography.

One caveat – I know it is against the “street photography rulez” to shoot the other photographers – but it is just how I roll. I can’t be around people having a good time and not want to shoot their faces off. It is in my blood.

Second (and last!) caveat –  I do realise my image selection looks more like it should be titled “Cute dogs I met in Barcelona” – I have no self control.



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