How To Rock Your Groom Speech – Part 2

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Basic Traditional Speech Outline

  • Thank the father of the bride for his toast (but not his crumpets).
  • Thank your guests for their attendance and gifts.
  • Thank both of your parents.
  • Compliment your bride.
  • Thank your Best man.
  • Thank and toast your bridesmaids

Again, remember not to be shy in altering this outline to best suit you. As discussed, you may wish to include some thoughts on what marriage means to you. In a shared speech with your bride, it may also be appropriate to divide your individual thanks so everyone feels adequately loved on.

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Although the Groom’s speech isn’t meant to be as light-hearted as the best man’s speech, don’t be afraid to put in some humour if you want to. This is entirely up to you. If you are planning on adding a few nuggets of humour, my advice is not to overdo it. Think ahead – what seems like a funny joke now might seem a terrifying hurdle to leap when you have the rapt attention of a crowd. Remember delivery is everything and a good delivery requires confidence.

For instance, before you introduce the best man, you could say “x is a good friend, perhaps his only flaw is that he can’t stand for other people to be happy. It’s a genuine problem he has and I thank you for humouring him during his speech.”

Variations on this joke will be a nice way to guarantee laughter and applause and perhaps soften the best man’s digs during his speech. Personally, I opened my speech by declaring that my wife had vetted the contents and therefore any offense caused was her fault. I have to say, the resulting laughter did a lot to settle my nerves for the rest of the speech.

My wife would now like me to add that the only reason anything was funny in my speech was because she vetted it. Yes, dear. Absolutely.


Groom Speech Advice

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