How to Rock Your Groom Speech – Part 3

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So, you’ve got this far. It’s all sounding great, but it’s still on paper. Now it’s time to prepare. Bizarrely, most speeches fail when delivered in a strangled rush by someone who appears to be standing on a moving floor. How to overcome that feeling like you are going down the big dip on the groom speech roller-coaster? Preparation, preparation, preparation!

A good place to start is to decide on whether you want  to write your speech out in it’s entirety or condense it into bullet points. Using bullet points as prompts works great if you’re feeling confident. Additionally, your delivery will be much more natural if you are talking directly to the audience rather than reading to them {which often happens if you have the whole speech written out}. Personally, I wrote my speech out in full then practised saying it and rewrote it so it was identical to me talking in a relaxed, casual manner. I don’t know if this would work for everyone but it was great for me. It meant that if all else failed, I could read my speech directly from the papers and I would only have to concentrate on eye contact to make it sound as though I was ad-libbing.

Even if you are super-duper confident speech giving guy, it is a good tip to write down important names and dates and have them highlighted. Specific details such as these are the easiest to forget when under pressure. Nothing will raise more eyebrows than being unable to remember when and where you met your bride. Is that really the conversation you want to be having back in the honeymoon hotel?

Once you have decided on the format of your speech, transfer your speech onto small index cards because a large piece of paper will visibly shake if you are nervous.Then, using even just a hole punch and some string, attach the index cards together in order. This will insure that when your speech invariably slips from your fingers during a room-spinning, lightheaded moment of giddiness, you are not left fumbling for words for longer than necessary.

On the day, make sure you know where your speech is at least ten minutes before it’s due. Asking your best man to carry your speech for you is always a good idea unless he is so nervous about his own speech that he may just decide to hide in the loo for the whole of the reception. In that case, ask a father {yours, hers, it doesn’t matter} and they will feel all fatherly and be proud to hold it for you.

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Practise Makes You Sexy

Okay, you may never be able to practise your way into being sexy or taller or more handsome, but you can definitely practise your way into being a better speaker. It is an old adage but a true one….practise, practise, practise. Initially, this can be done from the comfort of your own home. The more you say your speech out loud, the more natural you will become. Dependent on the level of secrecy you want to keep, you could perform your speech for your bride or a close friend. This will give you useful insight into how you can best improve your delivery as well as provide them hours of mocking enjoyment.

If you already know where the reception is to be held, familiarise yourself with the venue. Imagining yourself in the location and successfully delivering your speech will help you prepare for success.

Get yourself a table! As speeches are made at the end of a meal, it is likely you will have a table in front of you anyway. If not, then arrange for one to be placed. As well as other tabley related usefulness {eating, placing your speech onto it, being flat, etc} a table will act as barrier between you and your audience. You will feel much calmer behind a table, without putting people off.

Don’t imagine everyone is naked, that’s just weird – your mum’s out there for heaven’s sake.

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Some Last-Minute Nuggets of Advice…

  • Only use a microphone if you absolutely have to. {Microphones can be a major hassle and distraction}
  • Aim to speak clearly and slowly.
  • Your natural tendency will be to rush, but fight that instinct with all your might.
  • Make eye contact with people and pause occasionally.
  • Address the back of the room and keep your head lifted as often as you can.
  • Take a deep breath before you start and allow people to settle.
  • Make sure you have your drink ready for toasts.

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Go Forth My {Figurative} Son…

Finally, remember this is your day. Everyone in the room cares about you and are wishing you well. And good luck from me too – I hope you have a brilliant day.

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