A few weeks ago I had the absolute joy of photographing Lauren & Dan’s wedding at the Hospitium in York and whilst I know the title of this blog post looks like hyperbole, I assure you that it is not. Do you love owls? Milking cow statues? Random giant chairs? Time travel? Well, strap in because this York wedding is everything you have been waiting for.

When I arrived to prep in the morning with Lauren, she was already at level 11 happiness. She and her bridesmaids spent the entire morning joking and laughing and until just before she left, Lauren was so calm and excited, you wouldn’t have even known it was her wedding day. Talk about zero last minute nerves! But not everything was cucumber cool – there might have been more than a little bit of excited tears when Lauren debuted her dress to her bridesmaids and family. Everyone deserves a crew who emotionally falls to bits at how gorgeous you are.

Wedding dress hung from bed frame at York area hotel
Bride looks at herself in the mirror at York wedding
Bride having her hair done at York wedding
Bride has veil put on
Bride smiles and looks at camera at Hospitium wedding
Bridesmaid see the bride for the first time and have a big reaction at Hospitium wedding
Let’s hear it for the boys….

Meanwhile, Matt was with Dan and his groomsmen. They got up to a fair amount of shenanigans including a trip to the local windmill (as you do). To everyone’s surprise, Dan had a special gift for his parents—a quirky, handmade computer keyboard. Who knew keyboards could be sentimental?

Groom shows off gift of a keyboard being given to parents.
Let’s Owl Around in the Museum Gardens

The ceremony took place inside the Hospitium, a charming medieval building located near the river Ouse and nestled within the Museum Gardens and afterwards we did some truly epic confetti outside on the steps. After plenty of time to visit with friends and family, we popped Lauren and Dan off for their first photo mini session. Thanks to the nearby bird sanctuary’s presence in the museum gardens, Lauren and Dan got the chance to hold not one but TWO owls! Can you believe it? Two owls! One was a magnificent horned owl, and the other was an adorably ugly baby owlet.

Bride arrives at The Hospitium in a VW Beetle
Groom cries as the bride arrives at the top of the aisle at Hospitium Wedding
Wedding couple laugh as they walk up the aisle at The Hospitium
Confetti on the steps of The Hospitium
Guests joke with the groom at Hospitium Wedding
Guest greets Brie de and groom at Hospitium with a happy smile
Bride and groom pose like rappers on a rap album outside the Hospitium in York
Groom holds baby owl at York Museum Gardens
Bride & Groom sit on bench in the Hospitium Museum Gardens wedding
Little baby owl held by wedding couple
Bride has bridesmaids surround her face with flowers and the bride laughs
Hospitium wedding photography in York

Later, when it came time for speeches, Dan had everyone in absolute stitches. Dan, being a talented voice actor, treated everyone to a comedic performance. He hilariously pretended to receive a call from his past self, turning the whole speech into a whimsical experience resembling an AGM at a company complete with diagrams and charts. Everyone was pissing themselves with laughter – including Dan (metaphorically, of course…haha).

Bride laughs during Hospitium wedding speeches
Guest covers her mouth and laughs during wedding speeches
Best men give a speech at Hospitium wedding
Brides father holds hand in the air during wedding speeches
Groom’s mum gives thumbs up during speeches
Bride laughs uproariously during speeches
Time travelling speeches at The Hospitium

Later that day, we took Dan and Lauren out to the Museum Gardens for some golden hour shots. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon a gigantic chair reminiscent of the ones in Alice in Wonderland. Dan couldn’t resist the urge to drink fresh milk from a nearby cow statue, while Lauren gracefully (or not so gracefully) plopped into the chair. Everyone spent so much time laughing, I am not really certain how we even managed to get any photos taken, if I am being honest. Next we ventured down to the riverbank for more photos, where Lauren may or may not have attempted to throw Dan into the river. However she decided it was perhaps too suspicious to claim the insurance money this soon. Plus, she pointed out that he was pretty okay to hang out with sometimes. He could live. For now….

Bride holds up dress in front of York Museum
Bride & groom laugh in the sunset at Museum Gardens
Bride pranks pushing the groom into the River Ouse
Bride falls backwards into a giant chair
Bride and groom laugh on a giant deck chair
Bride and groom take photos on the steps of the tYork Museum
Bride and groom pose in a tunnel of lights at Museum Garden
Check out the Hospitium’s downstairs… merherrrrr….

Evening parties downstairs at The Hospitium are always spectacular. I mean it. We have been to hundreds of weddings and some venues just seem to be more conducive to a good party and there is like magic dance floor vibes at the Hospitium. When it came time to leave Lauren & Dan’s evening luau (complete with leis), I must admit I didn’t want to go. Just one more song…..

Bride and groom dance with leis around their necks at Hospitium Wedding
Couple dancing cheek to cheek at Hospitium wedidng
Wedding guests dance at Hospitium Wedding
Wedding guest dances with arms in the air at Hospitium wedding
Wedding guests doing the YMCA at Hospitium

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