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Tips & Tricks for an Awesome Barn Wedding

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Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be just as challenging as finding the perfect dress. If looking at the endless amount of halls, churches, gardens and houses isn’t getting you anywhere, we really recommend having a think about a big barn wedding! Barn weddings are fabulous for so many couples because barns are commonly laid out as a blank slate, meaning you can get as creative as you like and really let who you are as individuals (and as a couple) shine through your day.

We love barn weddings, and photographing someone’s unique, personal style is always something we look forward to being a part of. So, we’re here today to give you plenty of barn wedding tips to give you an idea of what you can expect when planning a wedding in Old MacDonald land.

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Barn Wedding Tips

Blank Slates Can Leave Blanker Wallets

Depending on just how blank a slate you want for your barn wedding, you’ll have to take into consideration that you might have to hire a lot of the basics; chairs, tables, dance floor, mobile bar, extra lighting…and portaloos. Yep, many couples are surprised by how expensive our bums are.

Prepare well for the lighting and temperature issues as well as problems here can shape your day, for better, for worse! Barns frequently lack air con or heating, so any kind of climate control will be up to you. You don’t want that make-up melting off, so industrial fans for you and your guests should be on your list (and as a bonus – you’ll feel like Beyonce, too). Lighting also, is a unique challenge – especially for us as photographers. Barns can get fairly dark once the bright, daytime sun sets which can sadly result in your wedding photographs coming out a little lacklustre. You should budget for a reasonable amount of extra lighting to add some twinkle to your night-time do.  Fairy lights are lovely, and cheap and you can never really have too many of them. Borrowing household lamps could add an unique style to the theme of your wedding, and if else fails, get yourself some candles so your guests can at least read their menus. We recommend Ikea for inexpensive tea-lights in mass quantity at a fabulous price point. Like fairy lights – the more the merrier. You can also purchase battery operated tea lights and candles from sites like Ali Express if your barn has a no-open-flame policy.

Although, some venues might have some of these things on site, it’s really important to check first and budget accordingly.

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Barn Wedding Tips

Plan For More Prep

Your three thousand pins on your pinterest wedding board might be amazing in theory until you have to tie one hundred ribbons on little vintage jars while you’re trying to get your makeup on before you walk the aisle at noon. The blanker the slate, the more elbow grease you and your families will be putting in as most barn venues don’t have staff to assist. See if you can get access to the venue the day before your wedding to start doing all of the prep and decor and save yourself some extra wedding stress. If not, maybe you could turn the stag do into a ribbon tying event, hah!

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Barn Wedding Tips

Consider a Coordinator

The last thing you want on your lovely day is having to run around finding out what happened to the vegan entrées in between wiping granny’s lipstick off your cheek and having a beer with your friends. The point being that many barn venues won’t have a coordinator to help run the wedding day festivities and ceremony. It’s therefore super important to consider having that “in charge” someone to hand to care of the details and questions throughout the big day, or risk losing every precious moment to disorganisation, aggro and party planning stress.

Most wedding planners will offer wedding day coordination services at very reasonable prices, even if you aren’t using them for the full planning of the wedding. If you genuinely just can’t afford it however, then make a big gesture and ask a keen friend or family member to help with this role. Remember though that they’ll be doing you a huge favour as they won’t be able to relax and be a regular guest (or even have a drink) until after the first dance (so you’d better plan a very nice ‘thank you’ gift for them).

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Barn Wedding Tips

In, Out, Shake It All About

Barn weddings equal lots of fun outdoor games, nature, fresh air and bright blue skies.

Wait…this is Britain.

British weather is nothing if not fickle, as we all know. The last thing you need is lots of bored guests twiddling their thumbs because nobody thought to remember to plan for the typically pants weather of this country. Have a solid plan in place for both good and bad weather, indoor and outdoor activities. And maybe a good few umbrellas, too.

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Barn Wedding Tips

The Great Outdoors

Speaking of outside, it’s important to remember that barn weddings are set in…well, a barn. A barn isn’t just a charming, rustic house. The wonderful scenery and endless design possibilities will often come with fields, mud, hay, bugs or even a cow or fifty. So, don’t forget these realities when planning! Stilettos are probably a bad idea, and wedding dresses with layers of tulle often attract flies under the netting. Grim! If you can’t help it and you just have to wear tulle, then keep some bug spray in your garter (or close to hand, whichever is easiest for you).

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Barn Wedding Tips

Barns Are Awesome

Barn weddings can be an absolute adventure of a day. We hope some of these wedding planning tips have given you something to think about.

Here are a few of our favourite Barn Weddings from Recent Years  – take a peek and see if you find any inspiration for your barn affair!

We love, love, love barn weddings and any opportunity to see a couple’s unique style stamp is always a bonus for us! So, give us a shout if you any questions.


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